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Hummus wrap ideas

Lately I've been taking hummus wraps for lunch and I absolutely love it. I make my own hummus and pair it with some grilled vegetables (mainly peppers, eggplant and zucchini) and a sprinkle of feta. I've also made some with lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Anyway, I'm looking for some new combos. Preferably something easy that I can prep and throw together in advance.

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  1. I like it with any kind of greens we have aound as well as with beets, carrots or turnips.
    But I do get very bored of hummous and make other bean spreads when that happens.

    Oh, also tabbouleh with much more greens than grain works to.

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      beets was a good suggestion. lots of fun pairings you could do with hummus and beets

    2. Dressed salad greens
      Black olives
      Grilled chicken breast
      Artichoke hearts
      Hearts of palm

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        chopped radish
        diced jalapeno
        chopped almonds
        chopped preserved lemon
        pulled parsley
        lentil sprouts

      2. -lentil salad with sun dried tomatoes, scallions, cucumber
        - marinated mushrooms, kalamata olives, whole chickpeas, romaine
        - bbq'd tofu or tempeh chopped with corn, halved cherry tomatoes, cilantro
        -roasted beets, arugala, lemon juice, chopped pecans
        - chopped veggie burger, pickles, brown mustard, lettuce

        1. Some great ideas here! Thank you!

          1. roasted cauliflower florets, vinegar pickles

            1. Hummus, roasted shredded chicken, red onion
              Hummus, cucumber, feta

              1. Tuna salad, hummus and radishes ala Ina


                Steak, argula, sour cream, hummus ala Jamie Oliver


                1. The other morning, had a sandwich from a local coffee shop that had their spicy hummus, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, dill, and arugula. It was delicious and probably would be so in a wrap.