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Jul 5, 2014 11:46 AM

New Show: Sweet Julia

Watching the third episode of this show. Not impressed, so far. The host is the perfect CC/FN find. Pretty, smiley, has a POV and a "story" other words, ick.

This show is slick (if you ignore her nervous giggling at Cincinnati "three-way" chili) and shallow at halfway through. I'm hoping the final dish - a brownie/mousse dome-shaped thing - will be worth seeing.

Her first "dish" was milk chocolate melted into lollypops and decorated with colored powdered sugar royal icing. What a waste. I hope this show gets better or goes away.

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    1. She made baked Alaska with a store bought cake. That did it for me. I would love to find a good baking show. like the one Gail Gand had years ago.

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      1. re: sharonlouk

        Wouldn't that be great to have a great baking show? I would watch that religiously!

        Stupid of CC and FN not to have at least one...

        They should take Unique Sweets (great food porn) and do a show about MAKING these delights...

        Then, of course, do a bread show...

        If only I was in charge of these important things.

      2. Guess she'd be apoplectic at Cincy *5-way* chili.