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Jul 5, 2014 11:06 AM

Late night bite in Lincoln sq or Andersonville?

I need a place for tonight (10 pm) to get a small bite and a drink. Perhaps a good small plates place?

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  1. Andersonville: Hopleaf, Acre, or, for Italian, Calo.
    Lincoln Square/Ravenswood: Fountainhead, Grand Tour. For German, Chicago Brauhaus, and for Korean, San Soo Gab San or the dive bar, Dancen (get the fire chicken, and some yogurt soju).

    1. Sorry I wasn't able to post this in time for your dinner last night, but for next time...

      Anteprima is open till 11:00 on Fridays and Saturdays. Anteprima is the best moderately-priced Italian restaurant in the city. It is consistently outstanding, with one amazingly delicious dish after another after another. Even the bread service is wonderful. How good is it? It's the one restaurant I keep going back to, over and over, more frequently than ANY other restaurant (and I don't even live or work nearby). They also have a small plates section of the menu. And prices are extremely reasonable. You can make a reservation if you like; I don't know how busy they are likely to be on the late side because I never go there that late. Even if you don't get there tonight, you should go there some other time, it's THAT good. I don't talk about it here all that much because many folks seeking advice are downtown, and Andersonville isn't that close to downtown. But if you're in Andersonville, it's a MUST.

      5316 N. Clark St.
      Chicago IL 60640