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Jul 5, 2014 10:27 AM

Gramercy Tavern and NoMad

Hey guys,
So I'm headed down to New York next week with my family (of 4) and have booked reservations at these two restaurants for lunch and dinner, respectively. My question to you guys is: what should I be ordering, is there that stands out?
Also if any of these restaurants aren't worth going to, feel free to explain why.

I haven't found any recent posts regarding these two... So thanks in advance!


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  1. Re: NoMad, Scotch olives, strawberry salad, slow cooked carrots, roast chicken for two, and milk and honey.

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    1. re: degustingdiary

      Oh Nomad, so praised on this board. They forgot to put goat cheese on my salad..... and my roast chicken was very, very salty.

      That being said, best baby corn I've ever had and the potato focaccia was delicious.


      The thread above is recent and offers a few ideas..I liked the Taglioni with Clams, as I mentioned..

      1. The menu at gramercy changes frequently, my only input is save room for dessert, they are excellent.
        For nomad note they have a great cocktail program