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Jul 5, 2014 07:54 AM

Best meal deal at an upscale restaurant

I had my first friday lunch pork chop special at Perry's yesterday and it was a delicious, melt in your mouth, fall off the three rib bones pork extravaganza for 11.99 that is at least two meals worth of meat. comes with a side of very good mashers and perfectly cooked / seasonal veggies of squash, carrot, and green beans. Lobster bisque was overly salted, but the table bread was hot and good.

Any votes for other fantastic bargains at upscale joints in town?

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  1. The half ass burger at Roaring Fork.

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    1. re: tim irvine

      indeed, one of Austin's best burgers, great bacon, great deal. big enough to split too.

      1. re: slowcoooked

        Isn't that called the Big Ass burger? Or is the Half Ass the name for half of it?

        1. re: Optimista

          It is a smaller version of pretty much the same burger.

    2. Perry's has an even better deal on Sundays - the full pork chop (the Friday lunch is just half) plus a huge salad and a dessert trio for $24.95.

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      1. re: Optimista

        yeah our very good waitress (tatiana) was telling us sunday is great because it's really chill (unlike the average 600 customer lunch on fridays) and that the chop deal is also very good. I mean my GOD my half portion could easily be stretched into three pork taco meals. the full chop must just be ridiculously huge. i can easily say it's the best pork chop I've eaten. oh, and yes the RF burger is the "big ass". The version I had once at Lambert's was much less tender and tasty and way over salty with brine. I could feel my BP rising.

      2. The happy hour burger at Austin Land and Cattle

        1. I also think the pre fixe deal at The Four Season's restaurant and at the Carillion. Tons of value at both places although the Carillion is more expensive.

          1. Heading to Fleming's tonight for their 5 for $6 'till 7 happy hour. This holiday weekend, it's extended for the entire evening. While I have had hit and miss meals in the dining room, the HH menu has not let me down in the past several years.

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            1. re: Rene

              HH is totally solid at Flemings. Try McCormick and Schmidt's and the HH at Kona Grill. Not as high end as Flemming but the value and quality are pretty high.