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Jul 5, 2014 07:21 AM

Snow peas or snap peas?

I'm sorting through a bag of peas from the CSA. The peas on the left are clearly shell peas, but I'm not sure of the pods on the right. Are they snow peas immature shell peas?

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  1. The difference isn't as clear in the photo as I hoped it would be. The pods that I'm unsure of are almost flat, the peas are very small, and the pods are harder to open.

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      1. Snow peas.

        >Snap peas have round pods and the entire pod can be eaten. Usually the inside peas are barely visible.
        >Snow peas are flat with the bumps of peas clearly visible and the entire pod can ve eaten.
        >Shell peas have a hard round pod, peas are not too visible and the pod (shell) ought to be removed. In fact I have some in the fridge right now.