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Jul 5, 2014 06:52 AM

Need quiet, slightly upscale place for weekend lunch/brunch in Cambridge

This is not a break up! We just need a quiet spot outside of the house during weekend daylight hours to discuss a family issue. Has to be quiet, and I haven't been anywhere quiet lately. Don't know most of the new places in Kendall so advice on the noise level there would be welcome.

I want something slightly upscale for this...our usual haunts are the Independent, Tupelo (but we won't go back there), ECG (but we won't go back there either), Magouns, Atwood's, the Druid. Last time we went to Za we were really disappointed so don't want to go back there either (though it's a fallback).

I'm thinking of Harvest...not for the brunch, which is a lot more than we usually pay per person as well as a lot more than I can eat, but the lunch menu has lots of reasonably priced appetizers that in the range of the other places for the same kind of item. But they are closed through July 11.

The Puritan brunch is out of our price range. I love Istanbu'lu but the seating there is kind of cramped for this occasion. I know Moroccan Hospitality is quiet, but we need alcohol for this occasion! (By the way, we went there recently and it was difficult to see from the street. I hope the best for them.)

Back in the day, around 3 or so, we would be able to go sit at a corner table at Casablanca and have quiet apps, enjoy the quiet. That's long gone, of course!

Thanks for any leads.

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  1. Catalyst? I haven't been for brunch, but really enjoyed the two dinners i've had there. Lots of space between the tables, not noisy and an outside patio for good weather.

    1. Maybe Catalyst? Relatively quiet at lunch, booze, upscale. Affordable? Maybe not so much.

      The Similans might work if you like Thai. It's about a 10/ 15 minute walk from Kendall.

      1. Had a very pleasant brunch at Abigail's recently. On 3rd St in Kendall. A nice outside patio also. Brunch sevred ony in Sundays, not Saturdays.

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        1. re: BBHound

          I agree. Nice patio and good brunch

        2. What about the abbey?

          1. Thanks for the recs so far, we'll check out catalyst and abigail.

            the abbey menu looks great but I should have said that we live in Somerville and because of child care issues we need to stay fairly close by. Brookline is too far, unfortunately.

            An afternoon or early evening bar with some apps would also work.....but it needs to be loud music or world cup viewings........

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            1. re: Madrid

              Not that Abbey. The one on Mass Ave outside of Porter Sq.


              1. re: jgg13

                thanks so much! just might be the right place. certified quiet? we could go around noon so that might help avoid the noise. In any case, when we don't need quiet especially, looks like a great place to sub for some of the places we won't be back to.

                Catalyst looks interesting and I love that buttermilk biscuit is available, but much more breakfast than lunch, no vegetable sides, only one salad.

                1. re: Madrid

                  We went today and it was super quiet. Of course, being a holiday weekend could affect that perhaps

                  1. re: jgg13

                    I'm glad to hear this. When my elderly parents come to town they always ask to go to a quiet place, and it is often hard to find one. It's been stressful, as they seem to really react to the noise. So next time they come, we'll try it.

                    Madrid, if you go, let us know how many decibels you encounter. And of course, any comments about the food are welcome.

                  2. re: Madrid

                    My lunch at Abby was NOT quiet. One loud guy at the bar filled the room. Too many hard surfaces!