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Jul 5, 2014 06:27 AM

POLL: What's the best cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich?

(Wondering if this might be a good use of Q&A format)

If you're in the mood for a regular old grilled cheese sandwich, what's your go-to cheese? Upvote your favorite (or add your own) below!

  1. MplsM ary

    While I understand using Q&A this way, and I am betting it was the intent of the engineers, I am about to put a fly in the ointment. Apologies.

  2. Chris VR

    No worries MplsMary, I was hoping to see how well this might work, and you're answering exactly how people might answer!

  3. 51rich

    grilled ,as in a pan with buttered bread,or grilled under a broiler?

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  1. Don't believe in a single "best" cheese to make a grilled cheese sandwich. The "best" grilled cheese sandwich has a mix of cheeses.

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    Tillamook medium cheddar.

  4. 3

    Velveeta, baby!

  5. 3

    Depends on the bread used.

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  6. 2

    Aged Balderson (4 or 5 year old) -- and you have to make sure some of it oozes out and crisps up on the pan :-).

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  7. Depends. It can get mighty chilly in late September where I live. We usually have a bunch of tomatoes from the garden at that time of year so something substantial is usually on the menu. Specifically, homemade tomato soup with short rib grilled cheese sandwiches. Gruyere is the cheese of choice when we make this dish.

    Lots of ways to grill a cheese, this is just one.

  8. Lover of Comte that I am, I'm rather partial to it. However, then there is Crescenza.... :)


    Extra sharp cheddar.


    Extra sharp Tillamook cheddar.


    DW brought home some ColbyJack from the supermarket, evidently a blend of Colby and Monterey Jack cheeses. I cast a leery eye at it at the time, but today I made a grilled cheese with it and it was pretty good!


    I would typically say Tillamook sharp cheddar and Jack cheese combo, but I just had a grilled cheese with Fontina for the first time, and it was wonderful. Perfectly melty.


    Closed-Cave Aged Gruyere
    Openfaced- Mimolette


    Haven't purchased (American) cheese slices in some 20+ years, but my spouse has been craving a grilled cheese sandwich. At the grocer this morning, all I could find were 16 oz packages (much more than I cared to buy), but spotted 12-oz Kraft singles for about half the price. Since I didn't expect to be using much, I went ahead with the singles thinking I could toss half.

    What a mistake. I can (once again) see why they are labeled Kraft "Singles White American" and in much smaller, less obvious print "pasteurized prepared cheese product".

    On the plus side, they didn't even attempt to call it cheese. I'm not sure they could mix any more gum and water into the mixture. On the negative side - all but one slice has been tossed.

    Should have picked up 1/4 lb of the Boars Head American at the deli counter.


    A number of years back, The Taste of Home magazine had this recipe:

    It really was great and had cream cheese, mozzarella and cheddar. It's really good on sourdough bread. It goes very well with their tomato soup recipe! (I do make a change and put the cream cheese in a blender and add some of the hot soup mixture, blend and add back into the soup. It turns out so rich and creamy. I won't make it any other way now).


    For classic comfort-food grilled cheese (on buttered white bread, with tomato soup on the side), classic yellow American cheese has no equals. I'm partial to Kraft's Deli Deluxe slices, myself. (Also great on a cheeseburger.)


    Boar's Head white American.


    Any cheese(es) turned into "American style," cheese works for me. It's gotta melt right or it's useless for grilled cheese imo.


    Land o lakes white American is the only cheese that belongs on a grilled cheese sandwich!


    Last one I made was four cheeses, all grated on the large hole side of a box grater -- Comte, Parmigiano Reggiano, Cabot Cheddar and some Mozzarella for some strings. Homemade Italian bread, brushed with olive oil and done in cast iron with a bacon press. Should have added a little Roquefort.