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Jul 4, 2014 10:41 PM

Is this saffron?

Hello, I posted this end of last year and still haven't figure out what exactly this is. A friend brought this back from Iran, his family lives there...I have attached better photos and I included the writting on the plastic bag it came in.

Hope someone can let me know if it is real and if not what it is...maybe some will recognize the writing???

Thanks everyone!

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  1. here's the other photo

    1. Can't read the writing, but the photo looks a lot more like sumac than saffron. OTOH, it could be safflower:

      1. Looks more safflower-y. Saffron is more fthread-like.

        1. Not sure What it is but agreed it's not saffron

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          1. re: Siegal

            Too bad if it's not.
            Iranian saffron is touted as being the best in the world...miles above the oft adulterated Spanish saffron commonly sold.

          2. It doesn't look like saffron to me either, but I don't know of course. Have you tried tasting it? Saute a tiny amount in oil and dip bread into it. Saffron has a very distinct taste. Safflower adds a nice color, but doesn't taste like much. If it's sumac you don't even have to cook it to know - it's very lemony.