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Jul 4, 2014 10:29 PM

Aussie Chef needs restaurants in Paris during August when everything is closed!

Hi everyone,

My husband and I have 5 nights in Paris from Sunday 10 August, staying at the Intercontinental Le Grand in the 9th. My husband is a coaching chef here in Australia and we are looking for the French experience. Don't need other nation foods on this 5 days.

So many places I want to eat are closed ie: Tallievant, Septime, Les climats, Sud Oust, Chez Georges, Frenchies but bar is open and more.

We want foie gras, duck, different seafoods, etc. don't need too much lamb or steak. We are trying to mix up Bistro and Star restaurants. We already have bookings at Le Cinq, Guy Savoy, Alain Ducasse if opened at Plaza Athenee, Brasserie Bofinger. Waiting to hear if Le Petit Cunard, Bistrotters and Le Bristrot Lorette are open?? Does anyone know?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, lozzie_64

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  1. Lauren -you could check out this current thread:

    Boginger is a bit of an oddity in your list - great space but average food - it's like Doyle's at the Rocks i.e a tourist must do but shunned by locals.

    I suggest you read the board for some of the newer tables - your big hitters are good but you are not pushing any boundaries. Is Toutain open for example. At the moment your list is Rockpool, Quay and Tetsuya (all good but established) in Sydney terms with no Sixpenny, Nomad, or Biota.

    Good luck August isn't impossible for food but it's far more limited, and you have probably selected the toughest week.

    1. "We want foie gras, duck, different seafoods, etc. don't need too much lamb or steak."

      You can find good duck, foie gras, different seafoods at Jeanne B rue Lepic.
      Near your hotel is Lintillac, which I used to like a lot for its duck and foie gras. But I have not been in recent years. Another good duck & foie gras place very near you is J'go, the one on 4 Rue Drouot.

      I'd give Ducasse and Bofinger a miss, unless you are desperately hard up with the August closings.

      "Waiting to hear if Le Petit Cunard, Bistrotters and Le Bristrot Lorette are open??"

      I live near Bistrot Lorette and do not know whether it or any of the other restaurants I recommended above are open.
      Do you mean Le Petit Canard by Cunard ?

      Near you are Le Bat and Saturne. They have a good take on seafood and are more modern than your list. And I don't know whether they are open in Angust.

      1. In my opinion Bofinger is the only place in Paris for decent choucroute. The atmosphere is rather lugubrious but the choucroute is great.

        1. Epicure or its kid brother....Le 114 Faubourg

          1. A more or less conventional list that seems rather dated. I wonder how much a revelation it will be to a coaching chef from Australia.

            I'm not sure that 3 starry restaurants in 5 days is worth the big bucks or the risk of food fatigue.

            I can't quite figure out Bistrotters. It's just an occasional blip on the local radar but every Australian visitor I've encountered seems to think it's the best eats in Paris.... not sure why it should have such strong Oz connections. I have never been able to get a table there because we typically spur-of-the-moment locals have been squeezed out of the picture by its Tripadvisor popularity. And except for the l'Entrepôt cinema/arts/ music complex around the corner, not an area that I find particularly interesting.

            A few alternative suggestions (all open in August):
            la Cantine de la Cigale, boulevard Rochechouart in the 18th... very buzzy Basque-ish resto open Mon to Sat... can be combined with a visit to Montmartre/ Sacré Coeur/ tourist-trap place du Tertre.
            Goust, rue Volney in the 2nd... short walk from your hotel... very good nosh and excellent wine-pairings.
            Au Bon Coin, rue Collégiale in the 5th... superb example of neighbourhood bistro... open 7/7... can be combined with a stroll through the very atmospheric (but often touristy) Mouffetard quartier.

            Sourcing is such a huge part of the restaurant scene so I suggest a visit to one of the many "marchés"/ outdoor and/or covered markets. The Marché d'Aligre in the 12th is probably the most educational... open Tue to Sun... outdoor market mornings only and better-quality covered market morning and late afternoon/ early evening after long lunch break (but morning only on Sun)... and the general area has also become a hot bed for young cooking talent i.e. Will, Les Deserteurs, La Gazzetta (now Italian cuisine), Clandestino, etc.