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Jul 4, 2014 09:25 PM

Marisco German Truck Location?

My 5 year old son and I are heading to San Diego for a quick "boys vacation". We'll be hitting up a game a Petco Park, doing the zoo, heading to LegoLand and probably hitting a the beach at Coronado. I've heard Marisco German Taco Trucks are sort of a can't miss. Does anybody know if they park around the Gaslamp District/Petco Park area? We're staying at the Manchester Hyatt so walking to a truck would be ideal. Thanks!

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  1. The Mariscos German trucks aren't that close to the Manchester Hyatt. 30th & Grape is sorta close to Petco. Universtiy & 35th is sorta close to the zoo. But you'd need a car for either of those.

    Their fish and shrimp tacos are very good.

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      Thanks! This helps. Trying to play it by ear as much as possible but having a general idea of where I might find their moving vehicles is super helpful!

      1. re: pacificjake

        Luckily, the Mariscos German trucks are fairly stationery. Once they're parked, they're pretty much parked for the day

        1. re: DiningDiva

          Seems like a trivial point, but many of the seafood taco trucks are not named "Mariscos German". I'd hate to have the OP driving around looking for that exact name. :)

          1. re: RB Hound

            I think 30th and Grape is still Mariscos German, no?

            1. re: DiningDiva

              Probably is - that one isn't in my usual radar.

      2. I would just hit up Tin Fish next door to Petco..
        They have decent fish tacos.

        If you're going to Coronado, I would go to Las Cuatro Milpas under the Coronado bridge for Mex goodness.
        Heads up, the kick ass salsa on the table is fantastic but it has blobs of fat, that could induce a Heimlich maneuver, if not careful.