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Jul 4, 2014 06:30 PM

Discontinued at Trader Joe's: July 2014-December 2014

Continuing this thread for the 2nd half of 2014 - what products have you noticed have been discontinued and you are sad to see them go?

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  1. Has anyone seen the giant white beans in tomato sauce recently? Couldn't find them on my last trip ...

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    1. re: Savour

      Savour, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but one of the workers at my local TJ's confirmed that those giant white beans in the tomato sauce have indeed been discontinued.

        1. re: littleflower


          I have a jar sitting in the fridge. . . . now I don't want to open it.

        2. re: Savour

          While I try to resist the urge to reply to old threads, this caught my attention as I was a BIG fan of the TJ's giant white beans in tomato sauce in the jar.

          Turns out, I recently discovered my local (NH) Market Basket carries the Levant brand of a similar item. Mostly middle-eastern type products. I bought a jar and didn't feel that I liked them as much as the TJ's version, but I did enjoy them. Something about the tomato sauce not being as flavorful.... but still...

          1. re: Dave B

            have you tried doctoring the sauce a bit?

        3. The frozen lemonade concentrate is now back in the freezer section! If my memory serves me correctly, at one time they were carrying this item all year round, I will be interested to see if they still plan on doing so, or if it is just a seasonal item now.

          1. I happened to grab a bag of the fire roasted vegetables with balsamic butter sauce (frozen) last time I was at TJ's and I am in love. Went to get more and the associate said he couldn't find them in the system. Any luck out there?

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              1. Thanks to the OP for directing my lament to the appropriate thread: one of my GO TO products over which I rejoiced each time I bought it... it is gone.

                The fresh buffalo mozzarella is no more. I hate you, TJ. Suck it.

                1. Looks like TJ's is discontinuing products left and right now...

                  Say goodbye to the Vintage Cola and Vintage Root Beer. The cola is really what hurts me.

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                  1. re: littleflower

                    This is the worst news...I loved their root beer!