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Jul 4, 2014 05:01 PM

Tour de France

Could anyone reccomend a place to watch the Tour de France? Could be a cafe or a bar-no preference as long as there is the opportunity to watch full stages. I imagine real sports bar will be showing the world cup so any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Hate to see a TdF fan hanging without a reply...

    Stages start early our time so watching live is in the early morning, well before most places open. There are SOOOOO many commercials that this is a perfect event to record and skip the commercials later in the day.

    Find a friend with a PVR and bring a six pack and snacks !

    PS Can't believe Ryder isn't in it. Gooooo Svien Tuft and Christian Meier AND Team Garmin-Sharp on Cervelos !

    1. The Tour de France is rebroadcast in the evening so if you don't tape it there is still a chance to see it! If you'd like to go out to see the tour perhaps the Queen and Beaver might have it on? Might be best to call first since soccer might get priority but if there is no soccer one evening they might have the TdF on.

      1. I was actually looking for the same thing over the weekend.
        Quick twitter search and this came up:

        Hitch Bar
        1216 Queen St E, Toronto, ON

        1. seems like an indie breakfast place with cable would be a good place to watch the Toor Day Frants.

          what was weird for yesterday's stage was it wasn't on sportsnet Ontario (channel 22) like previous days, only on sportsnet one (channel 99, 371, 394, 395 & 501), so you'd have to find a place that carries that channel, if that's the only channel carrying it.

          not even sure if they have tv, but the only place that comes to mind at the moment is Bite Me Grill @ Danforth & pape.

          1. I was watching the Tour last Sunday at Milestone (Hwy 7 & Yonge) until they abruptly switched the channel to a baseball game that did not even included the Jays....