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Jul 4, 2014 03:10 PM

What Pastries and bakeries makes your mouthwater the most in Denmark and the greater Europe?

Hello All,
I am going on a culinary/dessert adventure soon to Europe (alone). Denmark is the first stop, then moving down south. I would love to discover some of Denmark's specialties in the patisserie world and bring it back with me to the United States.

I will be landing in Copenhagen on July 30th, flying out of LAX. Quitting my boring job here on the 25th to follow my passion. I already have a catering business started but I haven't kick started it yet, will be doing that after this trip (hoping for awesome new discoveries of pastries I haven't already tried and perfected).

Any and all opinions from my fellow chowhounders on which bakeries to try and why they are your favorite would be super awesome!
The first city will obviously be Copenhagen but after that it's still up in the air. I am still gathering information and seeing people's opinion here to decide on which city it will be.

Thank you for your suggestions in advance and your time!

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  1. you need to tell us *where* you are visiting -- things change quickly from place to place, even in the same country, so theres not really a way to answer your question.

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      Hi Sunshine842,
      The first place I'm going to will be in Copenhagen.
      You've replied to my post about France! I had to create a new profile because I wanted a new username. Sorry for not being specific.
      As for anywhere else in specific for Denmark, besides Copenhagen, it's still up in the air, I'm gathering information right now to find the next perfect city for pastries.

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        Your current username is missing an "s": :)

    2. Bornholm Island has the best danish pastries in Denmark. See if you can get out there - worth the trip because the ones in Copenhagen on the same trip tasted like they were cutting corners.

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      1. re: glbtrtr

        Oh wow, the island looks awesome and chill.
        Any specific bakeries/ cafes or pastry dishes stand out the most ?

      2. This is not going to help much, but maybe other hounds can improve.... Anyway, real Danish kringle is a thing of wonder. I grew up eating mediocre kringle in the US, and when I discovered kringle in Denmark I was completely blown away.

        Now having said that, I should add that I didn't find any pastry in Copenhagen that hit the spot. The good stuff (here we go) was either in Haderslev or Kolding. If it was Haderslev it would have been at Lagkagehuset. Danish readers, does this sound right? The bakery in question had a magnificent selection of breads, but the kringle was orgasmic.

        What you want is crunchy/flaky on the outside, soft/creamy on the inside and butter everywhere.

        1. My favourite Danish treat is Kransekage! It's a dense bite sized dessert made of marzipan, egg whites and icing sugar, topped with a royal icing swirl. Kransekage can also be made into concentric rings for a special occasion or wedding cake. I
          had a great one at Summerbird bakery in Copenhagen that also had rhubarb. It's really good when it's chocolate dipped too.

          I also love Danish rye bread (rugbrod) especially in Smorrebrod (open faced sandwich).

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          1. re: cellophane_star

            Yumm.. that sounds yummy!
            Where can I find these treats ? Are they all over the bakeries in Copenhagen ? I was just in Copenhagen yesterday but couldn't really find too many bakeries that sell special food items.

          2. I'm a Dane living overseas, so I'm not up to date with specific bakeries, but my favourite Danish sweet foods are:

            - Kransekage (dense marizpan cake commonly eaten at NYE)
            - Tebirkes (Flaky pastry filled with "remonce creme", a heavenly sugar-butter-marzipan concoction, drool!!
            - romkugle (rum balls, dense chocolate truffles, basically made from leftover pastry, sometimes flavoured with rum. Yum)
            - floedeboller (sweetened whipped egg white encased in chocolate with a biscuit base). Summerbird does awesome variations of these.
            - kanelsnegl (cinnamon scroll, really decadent and flakey).

            Lagkagehuset is frequently mentioned as a good bakery, but it is a chain and has expanded quite rapidly so it's not that special, IMO. Still good quality though, and found in central locations.

            Emmery's is a chain of organic bakeries across Copenhagen. Though quite pricey, their bread (and ryebread) is really good. Steer clear of their croissants though... ugh.

            Wow, all this thinking of pastry has made me long for home... Luckily I'm going in back in 2 weeks :D

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              1. re: retrolina

                Hindbaer snitter (like a wonderful rasberry pop tart) at Bageri Sankt Peders.

                1. re: currycue

                  Also, here is a link to a place here in the Toronto area that lists a lot of Danish treats along with their English descriptions:


                  1. re: currycue

                    Thank you currycue! This helps a lot!!

                  2. re: currycue

                    Thanks for the suggestion currycue! Is Bageri Sankt Peders a local bakery ? And is it in Copenhagen ?

                    1. re: TheObessiveBaker

                      Yes. The address is Sankt Peders straede 29. Speaking of other amazing baked goods to try, you NEED to try the original Brussels style waffle at Etablissement Max in Ghent, Belgium. Yves makes massive waffles from scratch using 150 year old cast iron waffle irons.

                      1. re: currycue

                        That sounds delicious! I will be in Belgium within the next month as well so I will be sure to stop by there. How are the pricing ?

                  3. re: retrolina

                    Those all look so yummy and thank you for introducing me to the pastries, I will be sure to find them and try them. I will be back in Copenhagen in about a month or so.
                    Emmery is commonly found ? I was staying in Vesterbro.