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Jul 4, 2014 10:57 AM

Easy chocolate ganache recipe!

This week's New York Times food section has a great, easy recipe for chocolate ganache. I made it yesterday, and it probably took about 5 minutes. I served it on vanilla ice cream, but the article suggests a variety of other ways to use it. Super good and super easy!

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  1. This is a standard ganache, except I would not add sugar. Melt chocolate into warm cream, voila, ganache.
    It is even quicker in the microwave.

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      I would never add sugar,either, certainly not that much, I just nuke it and stir til the lumps are done. I use 70-72% dark chocolate and heavy cream.

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        Me too. Though I do think espresso powder enhances chocolate.
        I am making ganache tomorrow to go on top of the gingersnap crust of a no bake cheesecake( just whipped cream and cream cheese).

    2. I use 50/50 heavy cream & dark chocolate. Heat the cream, stir in the chocolate until it melts.

      1. As has been said by others, the basic ganache recipe is simply chocolate and cream, nothing else. I would call the NYT recipe actually a mocha chocolate sauce - the addition of coffee, sugar, and vanilla changes it - remembering that the NYT article is thinking of sauce anyway.

        With real ganache, you shouldn't proceed as they say where it says that if the mix appears curdled, beat vigorously. A "curdled" ganache is one that's technically called broken - the chocolate has fallen out of emulsion. It's possible to fix it to a degree, by careful stirring under controlled cooling, but this takes some effort. Actually, minimal stirring is best for ganache - the less you stir, the less chance of breaking. You just want to stir enough that the mix is homogeneous.

        Chopping or grating the chocolate as fine as you can greatly helps - once the cream is to temperature the whole will melt uniformly and an emulsion will form almost automatically.

        There are 4 standard ratios of chocolate and cream, for different purposes.

        2:1 (chocolate:cream) is very firm and holds its shape, good for uncoated truffles.
        3:2 is firm but slightly softer; good for coated chocolates and cake icings.
        1:1 is soft and smooth; good for tart and cake fillings, some cake icings, and spreads
        1:2 is pourable and sauce-like - the obvious choice for sauces.

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        1. I make chocolate sauce in less than 5 minutes, including getting the ingredients out and cleaning when ever I want chocolate sauce... Put some good bittersweet choc chips in a glass small bowl (enough for your dessert - I typically do between 2 tablespoons and a cup), then enough 1/2 and 1/2 or milk* to to almost cover. Heat in the microwave until the liquid just boils. Stir until the chocolate is melted. Embellish with a little cognac, or other liqueur if desired. Done!

          * I have even used soy milk, and it still comes out just fine.

          1. My brother made the most wonderful ganache with bittersweet chocolate and cream. Just microwave and stir... no need to add sugar unless you're using unsweetened cooking chocolate - it would be way too sweet with extra sugar.