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Jul 4, 2014 10:55 AM

Mid Range restaurant recommendations

We are having a girl's weekend July 12-13 in Austin. Anyone have any good mid-range restaurant recommendations? Entrees below $30. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Go to Moonshine. Lots of women giggling and partying there. The drinks are good.

    1. I like Salty Sow for small groups. It's a lively atmosphere without being too loud. The apps and vegetable sides are great for sharing and I like their mains, too. A little on the heavy side, but good food for celebrating. Get the bananas foster beignets to share for dessert but be warned—they come in a huge serving!

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        Second Salty Sow. Great spot. And I'll add La Traviata to the mix.

      2. Even most of the "high-end" places in Austin, with a few notable exceptions, will have Entrees below $30.

        I'll base mycommendation on total expenditure per person after tax and tip to be ~ $50 assuming you don't go heavy drinks wise.

        I would probably recommend Justine's, Licha's Cantina, Swift's Attic, The Hightower, Cafe Josie, Odd Duck, Sway.

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        1. re: lixlix

          Odd Duck is Tapas. Might not work well for large groups.

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            Agree with lixlix that most of the higher end place in Austin have entrees under $30. For this reason, it might be helpful if you gave us more info about what sort of vibe you're going for, what kind of food you like, etc.

          2. lenoir could be a good fit dependoing how big your group is.

            1. having just eaten at perry's for the first time, and as Optimista just wrote on another thread, you can have a very value-loaded mid range price at a high end steak house on Sundays from 4 to 9 pm. 25 bucks for a pork chop, salad, bread, sides that's insanely huge and fall apart tender. their "bar menu" is stacked with fun stuff mostly all under 20 bucks. worth a look. very smart interior and not crowded on sundays. we loved it. saturday looks like full prices and outta range.

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                I will say, slowcooked, that my experience with the non-pork-chop items at Perry's has not been as rave-inducing. Okay, but not worth the $$$$$.

                1. re: Optimista

                  I concur . . . my wife's fillet was cooked just fine, but I've had better tasting beef at ALC and a better value to boot. I will stick to fridays and sundays at Perry's for my occasional pork fix.