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Jul 4, 2014 10:48 AM

Sausage Poblano

-much garlic and chopped onion
-chopped fresh ginger
-2 to 3 large poblano peppers, cut
-1 small penguin-esque round zucchini
-one large tomato or two mediums

(items can vary based on individual tastes, such as more tomato. I preferred only an accent of tomato for this improvised creation)

note: black pepper with all frying.

(I also mushied a portion of one avocado, and put it in the dish as it simmered, for texture to what was to become the thick sauce of the dish.)

-soy sauce instead of salt during frying of various items.

-fries the hand fulls of garlic cloves then add the mush out of skin sausage. (black pepper added when frying is kicked off with the garlic), few dabs of soy sauce.

-after a bit add, generously:
mustard seeds
fennel seeds

-put in a left over just from just boiled and devoured low soup of clam juice, that had onion and a bit of butter..the fried garlic and sausage 1/3 cooked in the fry. boil a bit but simmer.

-do FRY separately the above other items in the very hot iron skillet, adding them when fried to the garlic and sausage bathing in the shallow pool of clam water that should be not deep over the majority of items.

shallots fried with ginger, as a side topping.

Grapeseed oil was what I used.

Add a sliced in half good sized jalapeno pepper fresh to the sausage as it simmers while frying the other items.

Use ends of some vegetable, swiss char, I think, wide, and small fork size as a scoop to scoop up the dish and bit off. Edible spoon so to speak.

The potato in the dish on the photos was cooked and served separately, only added to the leftover. I would stir clear of making this a stew by adding potato, but however one likes.

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  1. Rave reviews from participants eating this.

    The Poblano does the trick for the kick. No need for anything other. The jalapeno pepper should not be chopped, and should be basically whole, sliced once, and identifiable after the dish is done. That is to serve as a very evenly to overly jalapeno accent, that meshes with all other flavor.

    1. I was expecting a new riff on chile rellenos with maybe a queseo fundito stuffing and then battered and fried.

      Man---I was WAAAAAAAYYYY off. LOLZ.

      Looks good, but falls into a Pan Lat-asian cuisine where I seldom if ever mix teh two.

      Hope it was good!

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      1. re: jjjrfoodie

        That is good you have pointed out its associations in terms of regional cuisines. Did not really think of it, but correct I would think as Pan Lat and perhaps asian.

        chile rellenos....fundito...these are out of my sphere of operational skills in the kitchen.

        It was quite tasty.


        sausage is cheating as it is quite adaptation-al.