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Jul 4, 2014 10:02 AM

Ethnic in Berkeley Area

Four of us are meeting in Benicia and would like to have some of our meals in the Berkeley area. We are looking for Chinese, Pakistani, and other ethnic places. We have dined at the Kabana along University and loved it.

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  1. Some places have closed since this two your old thread, but here's a start:

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      1. re: wolfe

        Did try this as well as Kabana. Thanks.

      2. Great China is great for northern chinese eats -- Peking duck excellent. Lots of discussion on this board about it.

        I also suggest Ethiopian food -- there are tons of places on the Telegraph Ave corridor. We regularly frequent Cafe Collucci, but there are many places. If you haven't had Ethiopian before, you are in for a fun experience! Most of the places have a veg combo and a meat combo which are great places to start exploring. Wot is a saucy dish -- think of it as african curry (but different spice mixture). Tibs is like a saute.

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        1. re: Torina

          Heard a lot about Great China. Will consider dinner there one evening. Have been disappointed with Peking duck in the Bay area. Ethiopian sounds interesting. Thanks.

        2. Recently I've been fond of Chengdu Style Restaurant for casual, home-style Sichuan. It's right by the UC campus.

          I'd call to confirm their hours; I don't know if they might scale back during the summer months.

          1. Everest Cafe and Hamro Aangan are both very good for Nepali food (which have similar flavor profiles to Pakistani). Sabuy Sabuy II is the best Thai in the area - just ask them to make you food, letting them know your likes/dislikes, and they'll make you a feast. (Dinner only)