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Jul 4, 2014 08:51 AM

Miami Spice

Looking at double celebration(4 days) in September @ SoBe. I understand that is time of Miami Spice. Is that good or bad, re: hotels, decent restaurants? We're senior foodies. Looking at: Fogo de Chao; Sardinia; Indomania; Baires. Also, hotels: Mondrian; Essex House; Metropolitan; Redbury. Opinions, advice please. We reside in Florida(Martin County), so we're flexible. Thanks!

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  1. Miami Spice is scheduled particularly because it's the dead season (I believe Sept and maybe Oct are the two slowest months of the year). Fort Laud has a similar event in October. Palm Beach in September...

    Unlike South Beach Wine & Food Festival, it's spread out all over town. So I would imagine Miami Spice is barely a blip on hotel's radar. Plus I imagine it also attracts 99% locals rather than being a national draw.

    If you are interested in taking advantage of this special event for your special event, you might want to take a look at the past two year's threads here to get some dining ideas...

    Of course, this year's participants may vary. Personally, I had a fantastic meal for two at Pubbelly Steak:

    2012 Thread:

    2013 Thread:

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      thanks for your help. Opinions on my selections so far? Jim

    2. You could do better on the restaurant side.

      Fogo de Chao is just ok, Baires is not as good as it once was (but still good), Sardinia is very good as is Indomania. You should search the board for the best south beach options and take your pick.

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      1. re: tpigeon

        And what would you recommend: $$$, quiet, worth an occasion, not touristy, not quintessential Florida(we live here)?

        1. re: trail 6

          Since you are going during spice in September, the touristy thing is irrelevant as September is the slowest month of the year. Just search for top spots in sobe and choose your places from that.

          If you want quiet, you should eat early. Indomania is quiet by nature, most other places get louder as it gets closer to 9pm.