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Jul 4, 2014 07:40 AM

Food Trucks @ The Open Market

Heard about this event through some friends/word of mouth. I am NOT affiliated with the organizers.

The Open Market
105 Gibson Dr. (right behind the T&T at warden and steeles)
Friday July 4 from 6-11pm
Saturday July 5 from 10am-Midnight

Not many details on which vendors will be present but I heard (may not be 100% correct) from a few involved in the event that the following will be present...
- Buster's Sea Cove
- Blue Donkey Streatery
- Food Cabbie

*see below for updates

edit: full list of vendors here

I thought this might be noteworthy for suburbanites like myself who don't see many food trucks in Scarborough besides the odd festival here and there.

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