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Jul 4, 2014 06:58 AM

What kind of risotto should I make?

I'm serving:

-Rosemary mushroom chicken with a balsamic reduction
-Roasted zucchini
-Some kind of foccacia (maybe)
-Maybe roasted tomatoes.

What kind of risotto should I make? I was thinking mushroom but the chicken already has mushrooms. I don't want to do delicate greens, I'll be keeping it warm for a bit while serving for company. Butternut squash might be too wintery. The risotto also needs to be vegan. I'm not sure what type of foccacia I would serve, maybe onion? Any ideas for what type of risotto would match?

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  1. If you need to keep it warm, I would not make risotto at all as IMO it is so much more wonderful served immediately.
    If I did make it I would probably go with peas as they are seasonal, or aduki or other small beans so the vegan would have some protein.

    1. No reason you can't make mushroom risotto, as the vegan(s) won't be eating the chicken. Why should they miss out on mushrooms? I think caramelized onion focaccia would work very well, or if you don't want to cook the onions, use Vidalia - lots of them. :)

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        I agree on the mushroom risotto, maybe add some peas or asparagus for the vegan.

        Not sure you need risotto AND focaccia, though onion focaccia and roasted tomatoes would be tasty - maybe as a snack with a glass of wine while you finish the risotto?

      2. Maggiesmom is correct...risotto should be served immediately, because the rice keeps absorbing the liquid and eventually you might end up with a big glob.....what you can do , is cook it half way, and finish it for the last 15 minutes, appears the other items you are making can be finished and then warmed in that 15 minutes.
        Try using a vegetable broth instead of just plain water, and although I tried it only once, I added tofu at the end with some broccoli and diced red peppers, during the cooking process, sort of an Italian coloration. Also you might want to finish it off just at serving with some heavy cream, Italian parsley and some good quality shaved parmesan.

        Serve it in a separate small bowl as a first course. It should be hot with a smooth sauce.

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          1. re: magiesmom

            I know that, thus my suggestion to serve individual plates and can be "garnished" to one's taste.

            1. re: PHREDDY

              I can see the cheese added after teh risotto is finished, but unlike oatmeal, I've never been able to add warm cream or milk to risotto after cooking and once served on a plate and get good results sicne it has already begun to cool. YMMV of course.

              I like to do a roasted garlic, mushroom and spinach risotto that always gets rave reviews. You could even leave the mushrooms out if you feel it is redundant.

              I use chix stock but subbing in veggie broth is not a problem.

              Risotto to me is not a good "cook and hold" dish. Just too much of a chance of coagulation, and I like my risotto loose, but as mentioned, it absorbs lquid and goes dense quickly.

              Might want to look into orzo pasta using the same ingredients where adding cream or broth to keep loose is less of an issue, like mac and cheese.

              It's one of those many challenges of cooking for many a vs. only cooking for a few eating at the same time.

              Good luck.

              1. re: PHREDDY

                I didn't understand that is what you meant.

                1. re: magiesmom

                  MM..Two considerations, first I think PP is kosher, and thus might not want to serve any dairy with this meal. Secondly, if they are adhering to they could embellish the dish as suggested at another time.
                  I hope that I have explained it. My suggested risotto and preparation was to assist with a dish for a Vegan, other than using butternut squash.

          2. My favorite is lemon and pea risotto. Just make it plain, halfway through add your peas (if using fresh you might want to par-boil them), then at the end, when you add a final teaspoon of butter, add two tablespoons lemon juice, along with lemon zest. I also add a good amount of parmesean, not sure if it would taste the same being added later.

            EDIT--I just realized you can't use butter, either. Hmm…maybe risotto isn't the best thing to be vegan.

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