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Jul 4, 2014 06:47 AM

Where to stop for dinner on the road from Portland to Montreal


Will be driving from Portland to Montreal at the end of July (on a Sunday). First time taking that road, we'll probably be leaving mid to later afternoon. Where is a good place to stop for dinner? Not looking for anything fancy but good food not too far off the road. Ideally, it would be closer to Montreal than Portland, or at least half-way. Bonus if it's in a small town with a nice downtown we can walk 5-10 mins for a break, but the only real town before Canada seems to be Newport, Vermont.

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    1. East Side Restaurant & Pub in Newport or Derby Cow Palace. Both not far off hwy 91.

      Pro tip: make sure you gas-up your car before you cross the border. I made that mistake once and it was $9000/gallon on the other side.

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          I had that same experience driving to Canada nearly 10 years ago. I filled up in the US, and when we got into Canada, my friend said "look it's only 99 cents! That's way cheaper than home!" Yes, it was 99 cents...a liter! About $4 a gallon, nearly twice the price then in the US (at the time)!