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Jul 4, 2014 06:02 AM

Got a craving for Ramen

I was shocked at how different Ramen in Japan is compared to what passes for it elsewhere. I figured that noodles and broth would be pretty easy to emulate. So, so wrong. Now that I've got the taste for the good stuff, the craving won't let go of me. So I implore you fellow Boston Area Hounds, please point me in the direction of your best Ramen spots. I searched the board and found nothing.

I'm looking for somewhere with, ideally, a number of types (soy, miso, pork, sesame) with that thick style Japanese broth. Somewhere with a decent Shochu selection would be a big plus.

Recently, a place called Ittoku opened up in Allston. Has anyone tried it?


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  1. There a ton of threads about ramen if you search. Sapporo and Yume Wo Katare in Porter are my favorites.

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      There's a Sapporo in H-Mart in Central now, too. Inaka in Allston is OK, ranks similarly to Sapporo for me. I haven't tried Ittoku or Totto. The late night ramen at Uni/Clio is great. If Abigail's in Kendall still does late night ramen (Thurs?), I liked their version. I haven't tried Sweet Cheeks on Mon. night.

    2. For a list, google "your official boston ramen calendar". The first result from Boston Magazine is a pretty comprehensive list.

      Not on the list is a recent openng near Galleria called Shabu and Mein. I haven't been there but I think they serve a few diff kinds of ramen.

      1. I found a lot of information on this board by doing a quick search. I am a vegetarian so can't eat most Ramen but there are lots of great reviews and opinions on this board.

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          mvi: Have you tried any vegetarian ramen in the Cambridge/Boston/Somerville area that you have enjoyed?

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            Never tried it, no. A new adventure awaits.

        2. Curious that you searched and found nothing. I just searched and found 432 threads. There's been a huge amount of discussion here about ramen, and where it is served.

          1. The closest thing to "authentically" good ramen in New England is Yume Wo Katare. They only serve one style and it's not one of the "typical" ones. No alcohol is served.

            There was a pop-up where Santouka served for a couple days and it sounded like they were exploring the idea of opening a shop here, which would be welcome, as they clearly know how to operate a consistent chain. Allston recently got an outpost of Totto but it's not worth eating.

            Ramen is a buzzword now so everyone serving noodles in soup will advertise ramen, but you'll generally just be getting "what passes for it elsewhere."