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Jul 3, 2014 06:24 PM

Best bets in the huntsville area?

Never been, and wondering if there are any great places in the area. Not 5 star heavy artillery French stuff, nothing served under domes, just good local food....?

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  1. You should definitely drop by Westside fish n' chips. I really like their grilled Lake Ontario whitefish. Not a fan of their spuds or coleslaw, but they do their fish well.

    Also, Butcher's Daughters is on my list to check out next time I am up there - please report back if you visit.

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      Was just with a friend from Huntsville who said Butcher's Daughter has the best cream of mushroom soup she's ever tried. That's on my radar.
      I love 3 Guys and a Stove but it gets very mixed reviews around the web. I find the menu interesting and varied and the vegetarian options are great. It is pricier than it should be, and service is consistently slow, but given that we've only ever been to Huntsville on romantic vacations without our two kids, neither expensive nor slow bothers me.
      We were just at a wedding reception at the Norseman which is at one of the cottage resorts (the name of the resort escapes me right now). The appetizers, dinner and dessert were all really good. Not sure how their catered compares to their regular offerings or if they take off-resort reservations, but worth checking out?
      Do report back on Butcher's Daughter or anywhere else you go - we are there from time to time and would love to try new places.