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Summerlicious 2014 begins July 4th and continues until July 20th.
Please tell us about your experiences, both positive and negative.

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  1. In the past, 'Breast of Chicken and Salmon' dominated the menu scene and took up half the choices offered. Those few establishments offering slightly more adventurous dishes were usually hard to get reservations in. Service, in general, were bad and overly rushed. Most establishments handing out time restraints since they wanted to add additional seating to compensate for the 'affordable' menu price they are forced to charge?! Food were usually mediocre and portions inadequate. Over cooked dishes were the norm and most common of complaints. Of course there were exceptions but usually they were hits and misses and far and few! A game of chances?!

    Ever since its inception, I've tried out about five but none of them were good enough to shout about. Most of the 'Best' were 'years ago'! One was at Celestine when Chef Roubaud was at the helm. Food was inventive but unfortunately the excessive surcharge on the miniscule Foie Gras supplement spoiled the evening. Another one was at Senses in the Metropolitan Hotel, with the menu designed by Patrick Lin, the Gold Plate winner. Duck was served. Food was decent for the price. But I left still hungry. Most recent one was at Bymark. However the piece of Beef Short-ribs was far from fork tender, tasted one dimensional and dry.
    Hearing more horror stories than praises, I have not attended one for the past three years.

    Personally, looking at what are being offered, I will not take the risk of traveling all the way from up north for yet another 'take your chance' dining experience!

    My personal two cents worth!

    { I'm sure other fellow hounds will have more recent, better or worse experiences to share?! I guess this is one event that truly reflects 'one gets what one pays for'?! }

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      It has changed since years ago. Even the upping of prices shows the true purpose behind the 'licious events has been abandoned.

      1. re: Charles Yu

        Charles -- thanks. My faves over the past few years have been lunches at Bloom, Quince, Pangaea, Chiado, Frida, I don't do dinners.

        1. re: Dean Tudor

          I have always found the $15 lunches at Lil Baci and Quince to be very good value.
          Also liked Jump and Far Niente.
          In the past, thought the restaurant at CN Tower was fun as well but you do have to pay extra for the elevator ride.
          Went to Momofuku Ramen today. Very pricey and underwhelming. Never been and kids wanted to go.
          Service was good and efficient. Had the fried chicken, summer ramen and ja jieng mein. Were still hungry afterwards even though we ordered extra food and pork buns,e tc. We all concluded we much prefer Santouka.

          1. re: caitlink

            I decided to check out Momofuku's lunch offering since I work nearby. The salmon crudo app was amuse-sized and lacking contrasting (or really any) flavours from the microscopic garnishes. The fried chicken was ok, but I'm glad I tried it this way because I can't see planning a group meal out around it. I was done eating 20 minutes after I arrived, which was fine since I was alone and pretty crowded. Other chatty parties did get slower pacing. They were accepting some walk-ins and weren't full when I left at 12:30.
            Anyway, ok for a financial district quick lunch, but nothing more.

            1. re: julesrules

              At least you don't have to worry about calories after that meal!

      2. I had a great Summerlicious lunch at Nota Bene last year.

        1. I had an amazing 3 course $15 lunch at the O&B Canteen at the Tiff Lightbox Friday. It was cheaper than any solo sandwich or lunch dish on the menu! Pureed avocado soup with chill oil - nice mixture of sweet and hot. Grilled octopus on a bed of tomatoes, black olives and greenery - nicely presented, not overcooked. Amazing pannacotta for dessert, large, perfect texture and garnished with strawberries.
          Had a super waiter who actually was pumped about Summerlicious and treated us really well. Couldn't recommend the whole experience highly enough,

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          1. re: rsvp7777

            Nice to hear 'positive exceptions' still exist!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              O & B offer better value during 'Licious than most places. I was impressed by a dinner at Jump last winter, and Luma a couple summers ago.

              1. re: prima

                Luma is always the best deal. SO GOOD.

                1. re: prima

                  Had lunch at Jump Wednesday and really enjoyed the carrot and lemongrass soup, and the sea bream with succotash, popcorn and jalapeƱo. Lots of flavour and good portions for $20.

            2. I went to Bosk for a Summerlicious lunch and I would say it a great value and experience as well. It definitely wasn't perfect but considering we had 2 pre-schoolers in tow, it was as great as it could be.

              The menu was not imaginative or creative but it had good quality items done well. To be honest, that was the type of fare we were looking for to introduce our young ones to 'finer' dining. The wait staff seemed to be a bit surprised at first when we brought in the 2 ankle biters but they turned on the charm with the very elongated water jugs that have quite a bit of flare. They gave us the best table in the room that was the window corner that could see everything inside and out. They thoughtfully placed 2 paper 'colouring book' style place mats on the 2 kid settings and even gave them special adult size chairs with no wings for easy entry and exit. Nice noticeable touches. The kids menu was available but my kid would have none of it and wanted to order off the summerlicious menu.

              Food was nicely presented and though there was a bit more lag between appetizer and entree, everything else flowed nicely. The kid menu is very smartly priced (at least half price of adult) but the portions are definitely adult sized. The Summerlicious pricing is a great value as the total lunch is about the same cost of 1 entree. The seared tuna was done nicely and not chewy at all. The table essentially ordered the pan seared salmon. It was nicely done to have a crisp top but nicely medium well interior for my presechooler. Dessert was a lovely presentation. Desserts were inhaled instantly. I will say the in house made chocolate ice cream is a worthwhile detour! Nice balance between milk chocolate and dark chocolate... it was very creamy so a low overrun.My mango pudding with coconut tapioca harken to my Hong Kong fine dining child hood memories.

              Aside from the small service snafus of longer wait between appetizer and entrees and the delayed delivery of requested crayons, it was a successful Summerlicious. I think what would have made it delightful if the service staff attempted to bring along the young ones by interacting with them. As weird as it sounds, a simple acknowledge and 1 question to each child would have captivated them. We had a wonderful experience on the Go Train with the Train Engineer and that just stuck with them throughout the entire day.

              1. Splendido today was a great $25 lunch, but I get the feeling it is hard to get into, as it was pretty full on my way out at 1pm. Everything tasted amazing, but the portions were such that if you are used to a big midday meal, you may want to supplement. I started with a salmon sashimi, then agnolotti (delicious, but only 8 small half-raviolis as a main was a little small). The other option, a sea bass, was equally good (and equally small).

                The Desserts reminded me how you shouldn't fixate on menu descriptions in fancy restaurants (fancy menus go into lots of details on what sounds like a side, but turns out to be a dot from a squeeze bottle). Here this was magnified: the panna cotta portion of that dessert was the size of a twoonie. Same with the apricot mousse, so don't stress much over the dessert choices, they are all fine, and there is just as much ice cream (a spoonful).

                Everything came with lots of herbs or greens and decoration, so it is absolutely worth it for the theatre and quality, but just don't skip breakfast if you go for lunch.

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                1. re: non sequitur

                  To their credit, Splendido issued a warning on the lunch menu online about smaller lunchtime portions. I think most of the dinner menu is available at lunch, but smaller in size.

                2. Apologies if this is a touch long but it's too good not to share...

                  Went for a family dinner last night at Origin North with my grandparents who live nearby and the rest of the family. Two days ago they informed us it was Summerlicious only (didn't know that when we booked).

                  Things got off to a bad start when we were given the menus because the Steak Frites from the website's menu had morphed into a burger and the veggie main had changed as well. They did give us the option of ordering off a condensed regular menu but told us that if one person ordered Summerlicious the whole table had to as well? Anyways, eventually we were allowed to order some extra food (deviled eggs) off the normal venue and lucky we did as it was the only enjoyable dish all night.

                  The entire meal took almost three hours in a restaurant barely 40% full. The apps were edible but nothing amazing. The plating on one was bizzare, a watermelon salad that barely took up 20%of one corner of the plate - i think it was meant to look like a smile but it came across as more of a middle finger!

                  Our mains took almost 2 hours from the time we sat down to arrive and i am pretty sure they had been sitting there for at least 20 minutes as all the burgers at the table were flat out cold, not lukewarm, cold. Things got really fun when we sent them back and the kitchen staff and servers got into a shouting match next to us (the joys of an open kitchen) about who's fault it was. When the burgers did finally come out the poor server had to chase down another food runner who grabbed them for another table.

                  My chicken dish, "rosemary infused chicken breast' or some such nonsense, was actually half a chicken breast (at most) cut in half sitting on a top of runny mash with two cooked baby tomatoes and a few sprigs of rosemary as a garnish. Dry as a bone and totally tasteless.

                  Dessert was a choice of different weird fruity concoctions inexplicably served in the bottom of a wine glass. I'm pretty sure the strawberry in my "strawberries and cream" hadn't even fully been thawed in the microwave as there is no way it came from anywhere other then a bag. No one at the table finished more then half.

                  The staff, for the most part were really nice and clearly were not having an easy night. I don't fault them at all, seems like a nightmare of a week. They comped us part of the meal and gave a gift certificate but overall the meal was brutal to the point of comical. I get that it is not going to be a normal restaurant experience for the price but i can't understand how anyone would let dishes like that leave their kitchen. Not being able to cook a chicken breast properly isn't exactly great promotion for your restaurant!

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                  1. re: Benniep

                    So things did not change much after a decade!! Restaurants are still serving dry and tasteless chicken breast!!.... and call them 'Licious'!!
                    No 'overcooked' Salmon served?! Now, THAT'S an improvement!! :D!!!

                  2. I had summerlicious at Origin N yesterday. The menu was decent and the food was good but it took almost 1:45 to eat. To me, this is ridiculous for what was clearly a business lunch. You would think with 3 choices the food would be pretty fast. Again, once it arrived the good was tasty. I could have done without the totally patronizing apology from the manager though...

                    1. Lamesa - it was their first year, and it rocked. It was probably the best $25 licious meal I've ever had. Everything was off their regular menu, and everything was stellar. Service was excellent. The whole restaurant was subject to Summerlicious and they didnt offer the regular menu -- good, because then service was pretty consistent.

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                      1. re: jennjen18

                        A friend went and while she enjoyed the app and main she said the dessert was a joke. Some cheesecake thing that was TINY (in a jar). Based on their regular pricing $25 would have gotten her the app and main so she was really disappointed in the free dessert. Having said that, I am definitely going to go and try it because sounded like the mains (fried chicken was one, and ribs another) were good but I will go outside of licious

                        1. re: ylsf

                          Oh the cheesecake was the one in the jar - and it was tiiiiiiiiny. Though, it was really rich, so for me, I wouldnt have wanted more anyway. It did taste a bit weird - it was all salty, and hardly sweet. The sundae, on the other hand, was awesome. Not sure about the jackfruit creme brulee.

                      2. We had a really great lunch today at Windup Bird Cafe on College between Spadina and Bathurst. We have never been frequent participants in Summer or Winterlicious but in this case it was the definition of success for both parties - we found a new restaurant we'll return to because of their participation.

                        "Locally sourced cuisine with an international flavour" is an apt description of the menu. There were 6 of us so we covered a lot of the menu real estate - enjoyed the following:


                        - (hot) curried carrot soup - well seasoned and excellent texture
                        - (cold) dill soup - perfect texture (no bad cold fat mouth feel) and a great bit of heat kick at the back
                        - quinoa salad - someone else had it/loved it


                        - sausage and chicken jambalaya - generous serving/good texture on the rice/good dish
                        - lamb meatballs (billed as a sandwich but served with the bread on the side) - excellent seasoning on the meatballs
                        - Vegetable curry - really generous serving - chick peas/tomato sauce/brown rice and roasted cauliflower.


                        - flourless chocolate cake - the winner at the table (and I don't even like chocolate or cake)
                        - passionfruit mousse - popular
                        - lemon bar - least favourite

                        We had a delightful bottle of Chilean Chardonnay for $33 (well, two actually) .... great value.

                        Service was friendly and meal was well paced.

                        We'll be back!

                        1. We made our first visit to Mistura last night and were quite impressed.

                          Pappardelle with Duck Ragout was very tasty, although the noodles left something to be desired. They tasted a little "flat" (pun intended). They tasted like store-bought broad noodles, rather than good Italian pasta. The ragout was very good, though. Note that both of us had the same appetizers and mains.

                          The main course, Roasted Pork Capicollo with Creamy White Polenta, Caramelized Carrots and Black Garlic, was delicious. It was the juiciest, most flavourful roast pork I've ever had. I could have used more carrots (there were only two small carrots), but they were tasty.

                          My peach cobbler dessert was very good, as well - not too sweet, but very tasty, and just the right amount of Chantilly Cream. My wife's Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake didn't impress me as much - I prefer a creamier texture than the ricotta provides, although she quite liked it. She did complain that it wasn't lemony enough, though.

                          The 2007 Barbera d'Asti we ordered was nicely aged for a restaurant wine - they're usually too young unless I bring my own. The tannins had softened nicely, although still present, and there was still plenty of fruit.

                          All in all, a nice experience. I find that *licious meals fall down on at least one of the courses, but all three were good at Mistura. We'll be back. We seem to have an unfortunate effect on *licious restaurants. Two others where we liked all three courses in the past were The Corner House and Scarpetta, both of which have closed recently. Let's hope Mistura doesn't go the same way.

                          1. Went to Chiado tonight with our two teens to celebrate my birthday. It was lovely. We hadn't been there before so can't compare it to a "regular" meal, but were very impressed with both the service and the food. Chiado was offering regular as well as Summerlicious menus. For appies, we had the grilled calamari, grilled sardines, salad - all were good. Mains - cod, salmon, sea bream. Desserts - white chocolate flan, dark chocolate and cherry tart, and a merangue with caramel. We were very pleased with the portions, and the flavours were excellent. The service especially was very professional.

                            1. At the risk of being off topic and, as I am a somewhat new poster here, at the risk of opening any old wounds, I have to say the Black Hoof owner's comments on the Toronto Life Blog left me gobsmacked.

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                              1. re: tikiliberationfront

                                Here is the link: http://www.torontolife.com/daily-dish...

                                Why are you gobsmacked? that pretty much sums up how many industry staff / owners feels and how many on this board feel that the event is perceived from the customer end as well.

                                1. re: pourboi

                                  That the event is a shambles is beyond a doubt. Her "dad tipping" comments and others were what left me gobsmacked. One should not speak that way about customers, potential or otherwise, if one wishes to be treated as a professional in the hospitality business.

                                  1. re: tikiliberationfront

                                    You do not know Jen then... she says what is on her mind.. politically correct is not in her vocabulary... It is a lot easier when your restaurant is always regarded as one of the top go to places in the city to be able to speak your mind. The thing is the tipping thing is an absolute fact and you also get people that just order the licious dinner and a glass of water.

                                    One waiter I know had a table order hot water with a lemon and proceeded to pull out tea bags and make their own tea just so they would not have to pay for drinks. Then left 15% exactly pre-tax to the cent as a tip.

                                    1. re: pourboi

                                      what's wrong with 15% pre-tax tip? i thought that was the conventional standard.

                                      1. re: autopi

                                        I believe 20% is the current standard. I didn't realize that tipping pre-tax was a faux pas, however. That's the way I've always done it (though I'm pretty sure it was my dad who taught me that...).

                                        1. re: Michael N

                                          I can't understand why people would tip post-tax. Tax is not a service. The collection of tax may be a service provided to Revenue Canada, but not to me. Let Rev Can tip on that service :P

                                          1. re: belcat

                                            You're absolutely right, pourboi, I do not know her (and, having read up on her since this came to my notice, I'm glad I don't). That place has only been on the periphery of my radar as my time is too precious to me to even consider a destination place that has a no reservations policy. The wait or risk may be acceptable to others but not to me. I'm happy to get on the phone the first of the month and speed dial to get into the Le Bernadins and EMPs of this world but, the way my life is these days, I gotta know in advance in order to plan.

                                            Regarding the 20% vs. 15%, although I do not recall reading about any labour negotiations that resulted in a 50% increase in wages (compounded further by the increase in food prices), I'd consider it if I were guaranteed that those receiving the tips declared 100% to the CRA.

                                            1. re: belcat

                                              Agree. I would never tip on a post-tax total. I tip about 20% on a pre-tax total, always. Unless the service is poor, then it would be less.

                                            2. re: Michael N

                                              I don't think tipping post-tax is a faux pas. The automatic tip calculations on the portable credit card/debit machines have meant many customers paying by credit/debit now tip post-tax automatically (and sometimes inadvertently) when they click 15%, 18 % or more.

                                              I don't like the idea of tipping on tax, so I tend to tip pre-tax, but at a higher rate than if I was tipping post-tax.

                                              While it would be nice for a server if 20 % (pre-tax or post-tax) was the current standard, I suspect the average Toronto tip is 15 % pre-tax or less (including every pub, every 'ethnic' restaurant, every Moxie's, every Boston Pizza, every greasy spoon, etc) if one was to average all servers' tips, regardless of which rate is considered the Toronto standard. I think the average tip would be a lot lower at some restaurants and in some neighbourhoods, depending on the customers' spending habits/demographics.
                                              I'd guess average tip outside the GTA is closer to 12%.

                                              Most of the Chowhounds I've met in person tip better than most non-Chowhounds I know, so I wonder if there's a tendency amongst some Chowhounds/other foodies who dine out frequently to believe 18+% tips are standard in Toronto.

                                              Re: tipping during Licious
                                              I think many employees anticipate getting shafted by cheapskates during Licious. I think many customers automatically tip at their usual rate, whether it's a $45 prix fixe during Licious or a $14 pasta on a weeknight, while some people buy into thinking the Licious prix fixe is a bargain, so perhaps the tip rate should be higher if one is dining at Splendido or Canoe at a discount. But why would a customer tip higher than their usual rate when the service is rushed or colder than usual, or when short cuts or cheaper ingredients are used? You get what you pay for, after all.

                                            3. re: autopi

                                              It's all relative. 15% pre-tax on a $20 prix-fixe lunch with tap water is barely adequate; 15% pre-tax on a $35 prix-fixe dinner with cocktails, a decent bottle of wine and a post-prandial digestif should make servers and proprietors happy, given the markup. (Whether the opening of a $600 bottle of wine should be due more remuneration than the opening of a $60 bottle is a subject for another thread).

                                            4. re: pourboi

                                              Pre or post, whatever, but ask 100 people on the street and I guarantee you the large majority will say the standard tip is 15% and that 20 is for extraordinary service, and rarely given out. I have no idea who started this jump from 15 to 20 but I assure you that most people didn't read the memo!

                                              1. re: pourboi

                                                I don't have a problem with what the owner said.

                                                What a shame about the event, which I'd imagine had fantastic intentions at its origins. I can see how when economics enters the conversation it's about restaurant operators cashing in and ungracious bargain hunters from the customer side.

                                                I had one bad licious experience several years ago and it's kept me away since. It was three of us at what could be considered Toronto's finest Chinese restaurant. We ordered off the Summerlicious menu. Theirs was likely the middle price option. What we got was pretty basic Chinese-Canadian fare with much shade thrown in. We don't have a lot of disposable income to be regular diners at these places but we enjoy our food on special occasions. This place will not be on the shortlist for those times. And I'm sure they won't miss us either.

                                                And one more thing...it's against the general Chow thinking but I won't go where the crowds are. I go out when 'licious is over and the service is great!

                                          2. re: tikiliberationfront

                                            On the whole topic of tipping... I think the whole thing is a bunch of '' ''. Such a sore topic for me.

                                            I tip generally 20% .. but I hate the fact that I should have to tip. Seldom I get bad service. If I go to a high end restaurant I expect stellar service, as I'm paying it in the cost of food.

                                            Why can't restaurants pay their employees a descent wage.. why should I have to pay their employees wages?

                                            Think of all the service industries out there... how many of them do you actually tip the person... very .. very few. I work in service. I help people every day... I do not get tipped.

                                            Why can't we get things right like they have it elsewhere in the world.

                                            It should not matter if the meal cost $10, or if it cost $100. If the server was getting paid a descent wage we would not have this problem.

                                            1. re: tikiliberationfront

                                              She's the Rob Ford of the restaurant 'scene' in TO - everything she says is more asinine than the last.

                                                1. re: pourboi

                                                  Vodka is to Jenn as gravy is to Rob...

                                                  1. re: julesrules

                                                    Lol, or so they'd have you believe.

                                            2. Went to Stock on Saturday night. All in all I would give it a solid 'ok'. It had its goods and its not so goods.

                                              This was our first time at Stock. While the restaurant is nice to look out, its LOUD! Definitely not for a romantic night out, and more geared towards the after work business crowds that want to let off some steam.

                                              We were seated upstairs in the loft area that the opened up for summerlcious and I'm glad we were as its wasn't as noisy.

                                              To start we both ordered the Scallop and Salmon Ceviche. Gotta say, we both enjoyed it. It was similar to a salmon tar tar I had elsewhere. The scallop was small but there was enough salmon to give it the flavor and it was topped with popcorn. Interesting, and it worked. Having been to Peru recently they do toast Corn and put it in Ceviche so this was nice twist.

                                              For the main I had the Sea Bream & Calamari. I enjoyed this. Portion was descent (not huge by all means but enough) Sea Bream was crisp and fresh. It also had some house made chorizo which was ok, but I did find it a little dry. Husband loved it.
                                              Husband ordered the Ravioli. He said it was ok, mine was better.

                                              Dessert we both ordered the Flourless Fudge Cake. This was a let down. It was small, and I found it dry. Flourless to me usually means more rich, dense. This tasted like flour cake! We both didn't really enjoy this.

                                              We also ordered some Chocolates from the lab cart. These were delicious. Should have gotten more!

                                              Service was excellent, nothing to fault there.

                                              Overall I found the menu to be fairly bland.. fish, chicken, etc.. and overpriced for what you get. We still enjoyed it, but I probably won't rush to get a reservation there next time around.

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                                              1. re: Kassi22

                                                We went to Stock for lunch. Menu is similar, the salmon was by itself, no scallops. The sea bream came with a delicious couscous stew which did offset the dryness of the fish. I wouldn't say the fudge cake was "dry" but it could be more moist. The pavlova was a very generous portion and co-workers liked it, the steak also got good reviews (but they are not "hounds" :-)

                                              2. Trio Restaurant in the North York Novotel today. I've never had a bad meal so we try to go every 'licious. Today we started w/ peach gazpacho topped w/ goat cheese, followed by beef sandwich on a brioche bun, fries and key lime pie for dessert. The restaurant was packed. Servers were hopping but we were well looked after - water glasses re-filled, plates taken away promptly. Soup was good but nothing really special, beef was moist and tender, they did not skimp on the meat. The bun was fresh and soft. Fries came in a cute little metal frying basket. Key lime pie was excellent - serving was a bit small but we agreed after it was more than enough as we were all very full. $15 well spent.

                                                1. Went to the Francis/Bacon show at AGO yesterday so had lunch at Frank (first time). It was very busy but the service was excellent and lunch was good.


                                                  Cod fritters - excellent texture but too salty - cod wasn't rinsed enough
                                                  Red Pepper/Watermelon gazpacho - delicious. The watermelon wasn't overpowering but added freshness


                                                  Quinoa burger - more like a quinoa "cake" - aggressively seasoned with cumin which I enjoyed (I only had a taste)

                                                  Perch on beans - small serving but the perch was very well cooked

                                                  Pulled asian chicken with bean sprouts/etc - about how it sounds. OK Asian flavoured salad


                                                  Cookie ice cream sandwich with hot chocolate sauce - delicious
                                                  Summer berry pudding - really delicious

                                                  $20 and we had the Chateau des Charmes chardonnay for $28

                                                  My 3rd summerlicious in 5 days! (Momofuku Saturday night - concur with previous review here. Service was outstanding though)

                                                  1. Had lunch at Bannock today, very enjoyable and much better perceived value and satisfaction then Momofuku. They were bustling but had tons of staff on and service was great. I was impressed the cesar chilled soup (which really did taste exactly like a cesar) had 6 or so clams in it, I was expecting 2 or 3. A good example of a pretty cheap and easy dish to do that still leaves a good impression, which is exactly how I think 'licious events can be fun - something simple, fun and tasty on the cheap. I guess Momofuku's whole thing is kinda the opposite, simple tasty fun that is not cheap ;)

                                                    1. FYI, my wife and I went to 10 lunches at varying prices $15 - $25. Total was $610.82, which included taxes, tips, seniors' TTC, but NO BEVERAGES or EXTRAS. That was $61.08 for two, on average, all in, at each of Chiado, Arisu, La Fenice, Harlem, Quince, Pangea, Tutti Matti, Frida, Splendido, and Globe (in that order).

                                                      We enjoyed them all, some more than others. No problems with service (this is lunch).

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                                                      1. re: Dean Tudor

                                                        Yeah - working downtown I think I'm going to work winterlicious lunches next time, based on menus that sound interesting. Why not?

                                                      2. Forget about Summerlicious.

                                                        Nice small buns
                                                        Butter and three sauces
                                                        Daily soup
                                                        Chopped salad
                                                        Main plate, choice of two, changes daily.
                                                        Includes choice of mashed potatoes, home fries, FF, kashe (buckwheat)
                                                        Everything good and freshly made
                                                        Generous portions- a dinner meal really-everything good and freshly made
                                                        $9.95 Monday to Friday

                                                        Suliko, Steeles and Alness, behind the kiddie play school. Ample free parking
                                                        See prior posts.

                                                        1. Happened to be in Yorkville for another reason with a friend this morning, so we stopped for Summerlicious at Morocco Chocolat. I haven't been since it opened a while back but if you are thinking of trying their menu - don't! It could not possibly have been more boring food. I was hungry and still didn't bother to finish most of it. Nothing bad, just supremely tasteless and boring.

                                                          Kale/parmesan salad - no flavour
                                                          Truffle Mac & Cheese - soupy, and how can anything with that much cheese have such little taste?
                                                          Lemon Tart with Rasberry Coulis - this was actually quite nice, tart custard and lovely sweet short pastry though that may have been in comparaison the bland, bland food that went before...

                                                          1. We went to The Living Room at the Windsor Arms and had mixed feelings. The service was outstanding, and the ambience was very good. The food was a little disappointing, though. The Caprese salad was almost entirely tomatoes - not a lot of Mazzarella, and it was in a deep-fried pastry, and there was almost no basil. The generous portion of short ribs was nicely sauced, but the meat itself was a little dry, as if it had been braised at too high a temperature. It was tasty, though. The accompanying Gratin Dauphioise was delicious. The dessert trio was very good, particularly the chocolate. We brought our own wine, the corkage was quite reasonable ($25), and the 25-year old Hermitage was decanted promptly and competently. I will try the restaurant again sometime to see if their regular menu is better.