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Jul 3, 2014 01:52 PM

Reston non-chain chow?

Looking for a place that's not Passionfish expensive, but interesting and good and not a chain, for Monday night (4 people). There don't seem to be any recent threads on Reston, which is a bit concerning. Any ideas? If there's nothing good in Reston proper, we are willing to drive a bit.

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  1. There isn't a lot. Cafe Sano is good casual. Ice house in Herndon is more upscale but probably less than passionfish

    1. I like Angeethi on Elden Street. Ice House is also a great spot but it can be very loud when they have a band.

      1. In addition to Angeethi, Paradise Indian on Elden Street has a very extensive menu, including some Indian-Chinese dishes and some humungous dosa options. I think Angeethi is higher quality overall and a nicer interior, but the kitchen can be slow at dinner time.

        1. Cafe Montmartre on Lake Anne is a good choice if you want to sit outside on the lake and get away from Reston Town Center. Food is not particularly special, but generally dependable. It is French/Vietnamese influenced. This is really more a choice based on atmosphere.

          1. Thanks all. In the event we ended up driving quite a ways and eating at Turmeric in Vienna (one of the party lived in that area and wanted to be there). The restaurant was OK, not super, but it worked.