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Jul 3, 2014 01:38 PM

Burittos in Yardley?

Anyone tried it? The former restaurant on this site was Alma's Tex-Mex which was really ordinary and didn't last long. I'm hoping for better things.

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  1. I've tried it a couple times. Got the shredded chicken burrito bowl the first time, the chicken chimichanga the second. Both were very good. The ingredients taste fresh, and everything is made in front of you. Nothing special on the menu - typical tex mex, but a good option overall.

    Everything on the menu is about $10 for an entree - a little too much for me for lunch, but it's a good deal for dinner. I'll be back.

    1. We got takeout from there a few days after it opened and I've been meaning to go back. It's worth a try. They are going for a Chipotle-like build your own burrito/bowl option... the issue I had was there were TOO many options and it was confusing for the person making my burrito as well as the customer. They had only been opened a few days though so hopefully they will work it out. I had a chipotle chicken burrito. The ingredients were not exotic, but fresh and flavorful. Also, everybody working there was really nice. I hope they succeed there because it's a good option to have in town. I agree, the prices are a couple dollars higher than, say, Chipotle, but it's a local business.

      1. I heard good feedback from locals. Good, fresh ingredients. The burritos are great. About $2 more per average than the locals expect. The digs are okay but could be nicer.