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Jul 3, 2014 01:24 PM


I made a beeline for this place today after reading about it in Heavy Table.

As an Iron Range girl raised on Fraboni's porketta and Sunrise Bakery hard rolls, the new-level porchetta sandwiches at the Porchetteria at Terzo Wine Bar and Bistro were amazing. Great concept, too. I hope they do well with it.

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  1. I am intrigued. I loves me some porchetta

    1. I am very excited to try it. That said, and this might just be the way that Heavy Table wrote the review, I'm a little skeptical when they said that the forth porketta option is vegetarian. Uh, what?

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      1. re: foreverhungry

        It's a vegetarian option.

        "{the verdure}
        grilled rapini, fennel-radicchio-currant slaw, roasted red pepper, veggi-cauda emulsion"

        It's like ordering a Big Mac without the meat. I have a vegetarian friend who has to do that every once in a while.

      2. Adding a link to the actual review, as it'll disappear from the front page in no time:

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            Thanks. I didn't quite know how to do that. I tried.

          2. Had it for the first time today. May be mty favorite sandwich ever.

            1. Wife, daughter, and I had the (wife) Rapini, (daughter) Truffle Mushroom, and (I) Calabrian. We all sampled each others. The Calabrian was excellent - great spice and heat, not too hot (could have been spicier for me, but minor quibble), well balanced with the sweetness of currants (though they looked and tasted more like craisens...these items were much, much sweeter than currants typically are, were larger, and kinda wrinkled...hmmmm). The rapini (the few bites I had) was solid - classic pork/rapini combination, the bitterness and bite of the rapini was perfect for the fat of the pork. The Truffled Mushroom was somewhat of a revelation - I usually don't like "truffled" anything, either because it's artificial flavoring, or it just doesn't work. This was fantastic. When my wife asked which was my favorite, I couldn't answer, I'd order any of those three and be very happy.

              The pork - great combination of various parts - looked like loin, shoulder, maybe belly. You could see the leaner pieces, the fattier, deeper flavored chunks, and some with nice crisp. Great balance on the pork, with both crisp and tender.

              The bread - fantastic. Not sure where they get their buns (I need to call the manager to ask), but these were square-ish, nicely crisp on the exterior, bready in the interior, and held the juicy sandwiches very well, keeping the exterior crispness all the way to the end. Maybe one of the best sandwich breads I've had that can hold up to such as juicy filling, and actually add both flavor and texture to the whole product.

              We also had the chips, which I thought were great. Thick cut, good salt, not greasy at all. I'd eat these all day, though they might not be for everyone. I wouldn't say a classic chip, but great potato flavor, thick, firm, well cooked.

              Only negative is that the sandwiches are served out of their parking lot. It's really meant for takeout. When we went, it was pretty hot, and while we waited it was baking on the black lot. We ate around the corner on benches in front of Terzo and the bookstore, but there are only 3 benches. Depending on how long your take-out journey is, the buns might start to soak thru, which would be too bad. The lot kinda faces the south, so during their serving hours it's likely full sun. Some shading would enhance the experience. Again, minor quibble, if it's cool and you can eat the great sandwiches as soon as you get them.

              Overall, excellent sandwiches, great addition to MSP, easily in my top 5 now.