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Jul 3, 2014 12:56 PM


Is anyone in ABQ or Santa Fe growing hellebores? In the ground or in a pot?

I grew them in Wisconsin when they would poke their heads out of the snow in February and they are gorgeous, but I'm not sure about our climate here in NM.

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  1. I grow one one in N. Cal. Not in my "kitchen garden" though! I beleive it is also called "lenten rose" , and mine probably blooms around Feb. I ignore it most of the time, but put a sign so my "gardener" would stop cutting it down. High here is about 105, with 60 plus days over 90 between May and October, low about 32, usually just a few hours at a time in January. No rain from about May to November, just after the wildfires and just before the mudslides.

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      Thanks, Shrink. I think I will try one in a pot that I can put out when the weather is agreeable. We are in the high, dry desert with temps in the 90's for a couple of months, but our humidity is usually in the single digits until the monsoon starts, which it did this week.

      They are such gorgeous plants, I can't resist trying :-)