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Jul 3, 2014 12:03 PM

Taking this off my food list this summer

A small sacrifice to make for the good of future foodies.

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    1. re: Roysen

      Does that mean you're not going to eat unagi also?

    2. I thought much of the unagi eaten was farmed (even at top unagi places) with wild unagi only available during certain times of the year (October to February). How will this designation affect the production and consumption of farmed eel?

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      1. re: tigerjohn

        They're ranched, not farmed. There's no commercially viable way to breed them in captivity afaik.

        1. re: Gargle

          Got it. Might have to reduce my consumption down to 1 per year.

      2. I saw part of a program about this this week. And then they presented a bunch of substitutes. Now, the eggplant "unagi" looked great (and kabayaki nasubi sounds great) but I don't see how the hai-hai girl could have really been fooled by it. Unless she had never had unagi.

        That said, I want to try eggplant unagi at home!

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        1. re: MickiYam

          I also saw the program about the eggplant "unagi" and come to think of it, that would do me just fine. Unagi is best for people who REALLY like it -- myself, I am fairly indifferent, and have had really expensive unagi before and it really does nothing for me. I'd rather let someone who really loves it have mine.