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Jul 3, 2014 09:16 AM

Brickell Ave business dinner options?

3 female business travelers spending 2 weeks at the JW Marriott on Brickell, looking for good dinner options either walking distance or short cab ride. I'm out of date on what's good there now. I know there is a MOrton's basically across the street, but we're really more interested in quality local options and not steakhouse fare or chains. So, suggestions or even reliable "best of miami" lists would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. DB Bistro in your hotel is great
    Zuma is next door - which is good to very good but over priced and overrated
    Il Gabbiano is nearby and is very good
    Edge Steak Bar is very good
    River Oyster Bar is very good
    Nemesis Bistro is very good

    Here is a good recent list for top Miami restaurants

    Although how dare he not have blackbrick in there :).

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        Kill the concept of Nemesis, I forgot it was a business dinner. Not a good place for that (great food though).

        1. re: tpigeon

          We went to River Oyster Bar tonight and the food and service were both excellent - made it in just in time to catch the half-price oysters and wine specials at happy hour!

          1. re: CG09

            Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for reporting.

      2. re: tpigeon

        I had a very difficult time cutting a few to stay within 15. won't reveal last cuts...

        I would add Wolfgang's to the list. Great steakhouse across the street from hotel.

        TP have you been? try their burger.

        1. re: The Chowfather

          +1 for Wolfgangs....when in NYC, I don't even bother schlepping to Brooklyn any more to go to Peter Luger--Wolfgang's in Manahattan (couple of locations) is just as good....I've only had their porterhouse but will need to give their burger a shot.

      3. The two restaurants in the Mandarin Oriental are very good. La Mar is Peruvian and has a very interesting menu. Azul is kind of French fusion and also has a unique
        menu. Both restaurants are quite expensive. Check out the menus on the Mandarin Oriental Miami website.