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Ocean City, MD?

I'm headed to Ocean City this Sunday for a work trip and need some ideas. I'm looking for breakfast and dinner spots- I should have 1 dinner and 2 breakfasts. I'm open to anything, really (except sushi). I'll be staying in the 40th street area and I'll kind of have a car but would prefer walking distance places. Thanks!

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    1. The only places I really enjoy frequenting in OC are:

      The Shark on the Harbor (the BEST choice for an excellent dinner in town -- technically in West OC, but worth driving, also being off the beach means it's easy to park. I often eat at the bar on my own.)

      Hooked (@ 80th St, an alternate good option)

      Crazy 8's (near you @ 35th) is fine for a quick breakfast or lunch stop.

      There are tons of diners and pancake houses for breakfast, most of which are OK. My favorite spots for breakfast and coffee are at the ends of town, so not convenient to 40th. If you have lots of time for breakfast, check out The Muze Cafe downtown on Somerset, Malia's at 18th, or Uber Bagels up at 125th.
      Fractured Prune @ 81st has good donuts & coffee.

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        I second the Shark on the Harbor. Though not on the beach the setting is nice with a view of the fishing harbor. Food is good and pretty reasonably priced. Crab cakes are VERY good.

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          Shark on the Harbor/Bulls on the Beach...I wonder if it's the same owners?

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            I had a softshell special last year at sharks on the harbor and it was very good, cool atmosphere, good service.

        2. Breakfast at The Satellite at 4605 Coastal highway. Coffee bar and nice basic breakfasts. Love the scrapple!
          Dinner at Liquid Assets 9301 Coastal highway. Great food and great drinks. I always get a cheese board. Yum! I have to wait until the 11th to go. Can't wait!

          1. Check out Bulls On The Beach, which is around 40th. Good food, generous drinks.

            1. Thanks guys! I went to OC once about a million years ago and wasn't impressed even then so I was a bit worried about this trip. Appreciate all the helpful suggestions!

              1. Where did you end up going? Headed there this weekend. Definitely headed to L.A. for one dinner and might try Shark on Harbor for another.

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                  Oof...sadly, I don't have much to report. My coworkers were not very adventurous and we went to Outback for our group dinner (I like Outback, but I can get that at home). After that, our work days were longer that I anticipated so I didn't have a chance to do anything interesting. I did eat at the hotel restaurant one night, but it's not worth mentioning. Oh well. Maybe next year.

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                    Sorry to hear that. Thanks for replying!

                2. Taking the family( wife and two teenages sons) to OC in August for a week of family vacation, and I am looking for updated (2014) suggestions, from coffee & doughnut in the am thru dinners in the pm. (Which also includes the best pizza joint on the ' walk or in town). Thanks.

                  1. 3rd (or 4th) Shark on the Harbor. They WILL have a wait in August though they overstate it a LOT both times we've gone. Bar seats open up with regularity though it that's OK with you.

                    Another one that is great is Liquid Assets on 90th? It doubles as a liquor store.

                    Hooked had fantastic crab cakes when we went last summer.

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                      Alisterio, thank u for the 3 suggestions. All three said great! We plan on hitting alI three and I will let u know our thoughts. Thanks again. BB.