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Jul 3, 2014 08:09 AM

Little Neck Shanghai and Taiwanese Cuisine Soup Dumpling restaurant

Not even sure what the name is as it is recorded some places as Little Neck Fun and has Chinese characters on the sign as well. Newly opened just east of the corner of Little Neck Parkway and Northern blvd near the recently razed Scobee Diner.

Looks like the real deal. Just one visit but the soup dumplings were excellent. Wrapper was not so thin that it seemed the soup would burst out upon lifting or so thick that you could not even see a bulge. Just right. Good amount of tasty soup. Also had the scallion pancake with beef, also delicious though a little more beef and a little less sauce is my preference. To my uneducated eye it seems authentic as the menu is very similar to Kung Fu in Flushing, just about my only point of reference in these matters. Clean simple interior of all brown leather chairs and banquettes with brown fabric, white walls and brick with interesting black and white photos on the walls. Service was spot on though I was there at a very quiet time.Great addition to the area. Adorable soup dumpling mascot on the signage, next best icon to the original pepper at Little Pepper in Flushing.

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    1. The restaurant is called Little Dumpling and it is just west of Little Neck Pkwy in a little strip mall. Agree that dumplings were delicious. Cold noodles were okay, enlivened by a sauce. Chicken and eggplant were excellent. Mostly Asian people there and it was filled. We'll be back.
      They also deliver.

      1. Went there yesterday for lunch. Many screaming children. Soup dumplings with crab were delicious. Thin skins and flavorful ingredients on a par with the best. We also had udon noodles where we paid $2.00 extra for added chicken. also flavorful but too little chicken was added . Final dish was mushrooms with bok choy which was delicious. Two out of three ain't bad.

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        1. We went for an early dinner on Friday. The place was crowded, but the noise level was not too high. For starters, we ordered the pork soup buns, the vegetable dumplings, and the pork and pickled vegetable soup. Both dumplings were wonderful, and the soup was quite good, though not outstanding enough to become a favorite. Also ordered spicy beef noodles, sauteed string beans, crispy sweet and sour fish, and Taiwanese rice noodles. The beef noodles were a bit of a disappointment: gummy noodles, too much star anise, and no heat. Fish was perfectly cooked, crispy outside, moist, delicate inside. Sauce was tasty, if a bit gloppy. Rice noodles and string beans were delicious, though we didn't know the noodles contained pork. One of our party is allergic, so a description on the menu would have been helpful.

          We will definitely be back, though next time we will ask about possible hidden pork ingredients.

          1. Went a few nights ago. Soup dumplings were certainly nice, but lacked the great flavor of Kung Fu's. Shrimp with snow pea leaves, disappointing on both ingredient counts. A favorite dish of mine, shredded pork with yellow chives and dried bean curd, was too wet. But noodles with sesame paste and peanut butter was a winner.

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              With all the 90 degree days I was going to hit them for some cold sesame noodles, were they spicy? Looks like a mixed bag and hopefully enough Chowhounds will go so we can figure out what items are worth a visit.

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                They were not spicy. But they were delicious. Hmm. I'm going to try to upload a photo. Stay tuned.

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                  I thought they were okay. Nowhere on a par with Hwai Ywan (sp ?) The waitress gave usan interesting spicy sauce to put on them.