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Jul 3, 2014 06:28 AM

Rare Bourbon

I'm not really a Bourbon afficianado, but several people have told me I should try to find a rare, small batch, distillation called Pappy Van Winkle's 23 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. Has anyone seen this on a NOLA drinks menu? I've heard that Restaurant August (where we have a reservation) might have it, but that it might be $80 to $120 per shot (so we'd probably only be able to afford to look at the bottle-unless they sell a thimble-sized taste.) An older online article said Avenue Pub, Bourbon House, The Delachaise, and Dos Jefes Uptown Cigar Bar might also have it when it's avaialble.
My husband has been on a business trip to coastal Alabama this week. His boss wanted him to try Tuaca, but it was sold out in all the bars and restaurants they went to. Anyone know where we could get a drink with it in New Orleans?
We arrive there this coming Sunday afternoon with our 26 year old daughter for an epic pig-out and drinking binge. I will be posting our "final" itinerary later today and would appreciate your opinions!
Thanks in advance!

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  1. It will be over 60 bucks wherever you go. A local store had a few bottles and they didn't last long at 750 bucks apiece

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      Whoa! I was expecting $50+ for a drink, but a bottle for $750!!? Do you think the whisky is worth that much, or is it just the rarity that drives the cost? I bet that's less than a bottle costs in some cities, though. I'll be on the lookout for a deal on a tiny sip, just to see if it lives up to the hype (not that I'd be able to tell.) Thanks, roro1831!

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          Holy smokes, Gizmo56! That's waaaay out of my league! Maybe some place would let me look at the bottle.

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          If you're not a bourbon drinker, then it's not worth spending your time and money trying to find it. And you won't be able to find anyone willing to sell you less than a shot.

          Pappy's is great, but the current craze is all about the rarity, and it's getting out of control. At this point, the hype is exceeding the reality. I haven't had the 23 year, but I did have the opportunity to have the the 15 year. I loved it, but I've also had other bourbons that are comparable at a much lower price.

          The dirty little secret of bourbon is that most of it comes from just a few distilleries. A lot of the juice is the same, with the only differences coming from the aging process and the proof level at which it's bottled.

          Finally, why chase Pappy's in NOLA, which has no connection to it, of any kin, or even bourbon in general. Classic cocktails would be a much better use of your resources.

          Sorry for the rant, but as you can see I feel strongly that telling a non-whiskey drinker to spend their time chasing Pappy is a sign that the bourbon craze has become a parody of itself.

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            definitely true. i've got a partial bottle of pappy's 23 left from one of our tastings, and while it was quite fine, general consensus was that the william larue weller from the buffalo trace antique collection was every bit as good, at a much lower price point. but it did come in a cool wooden box with a pair of engraved glasses. sheesh.

      1. Gambit bar issue indicates Barrel Proof on Magazine Street and Whiskey Blue in the Poydras M Hotel might carry the exotics you are looking for.

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        1. I've never owned a bottle, but have had Pappy in a few bars. It's good stuff, but certainly not worth the price. Honestly, if you like Pappy, I think Eagle Rare is a decent substitute at a much lower price point.

          1. Depending on where you are I think you have a few options. If you're in thew FQ you should try Bourbon House. I was introduced to Pappy's there but it was several years ago ('08)...I suspect that they still have a bottle on their shelves. The bourbon selection is excellent...even if they're out of Pappy you'll have many, many other bourbons to sample. As collardman mentions in this thread Barrel Proof is another spot that has a very nice whiskey selection...if you're in the Lower Garden District.

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              Hi, j.ho and mikeycook! Heading to NYC in the morning. Someone mentioned it on the Manhattan thread...mikeycook? I think it was in response to someone else's post. I'll try to check it out while I'm on the plane.
              Can't wait to return to NOLA! It felt like home to me. (Genetic memory? Hadn't been there since I was 10!)

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                I've had Pappy at Death & Co, a bar on E 6th betw 1st and A. I think they had a couple of ages.