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Jul 3, 2014 05:10 AM

Regional Pizza Styles - Are there any missing?

Serious Eats posted this list of regional pizza styles several years ago:
A little bit of research also showed a Rhode Island pizza and a Colorado pizza. Are there any others that you know of? (I'm not looking for different topping combinations, but actual different styles, like Chicago deep dish or New York slices.)

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  1. That slideshow made me so hungry

    1. Looks like the 208 comments on that article had some additional suggestions....

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        Oh, I read them. I just like the Ch comments better.

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          That list seems awfully incomplete, but I guess that’s the problem with creating a regional style list vs. a general list of pizza styles.
          In any case, it seems that these styles should be included, maybe as New York style, but they're not really the same:
          White pie (ricotta, mozzarella, garlic)
          Grandma slice – not the thin crust garlicky slice in the article, but more like an upside down Sicilian slice, square with the cheese on the dough and topped with sauce

      2. Our friends moved to the Atlanta area about 12 years ago. When we went to visit, they insisted on taking us to their favorite local pizza place. The pizza was similar to what we're used to in NY, not surprising because I think that's where the owners were from; except they cut it into at least 20 skinny slices, instead of 8. It was sort of disconcerting, since I had no frame of reference as to how much I was eating. Apparently this is how it's done down there?

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          I don't think there's an Atlanta style when it concerns pizza. The few good pizza places are NY style, but the serving sizes vary.
          This just isn't a pizza city, except where there are more expats from the North.

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            I would have preferred to go for BBQ myself, but these friends are vegetarian. They did take us to a nice Thai place too.

          1. It's not an official style, and most likely never will be, but I think the world would be a better place if people could start making the distinction between NY area NY style pizza, and the debased Dominos-ified McPizza that the majority of the rest of the nation/world seems tragically compelled to call 'NY style' pizza.

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              I have to rely on my husband's guidance on the NYNY style pizza. He grew up there, and I'm from the Midwest (I can show him a good Chicago deep dish, though!)
              Anyway, we both really miss good pizza here in the metro Atlanta area, but he knows a few places that make it the way a New Yorker expects it to be made.