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Jul 2, 2014 10:50 PM

Celebrity chef - whose got the best restaurant?

Coming to NYC in midJuly. Want really (really) good food. Will be there 4 days and want to hit a celeb chef's spot one night. 3 of us (all adult), no asian, but italian, american, etc ok. Recommendations ARE greatly appreciated.

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  1. Think Mario Batali's restaurants definitely get the best recognition and acclaim.

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    1. re: phan1

      And del posto's weekday lunch pre fixe is a great option, the OP could do that plus a dinner elsewhere..

    2. What would you define as celebrity chef? For myself, feels like these days almost every chef is a celebrity.

      If you mean food competition judge/combatant, one of Colicchio? Marc Forgione?

      If you mean chef cooking show (I'm thinking more public television than food network)? Le Bernardin, Felidia, one of David Changs (not traditional asian)?

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      1. re: villainx

        was thinking tv chef, but interesting perspective that it could be anyone (i guess that is a nyc thing), thanks for expanding my perception

      2. Thomas Keller's per se
        Bobby Flay's Gato
        Jean Georges Vongerichten's Jean Georges (Only his eponymous place; none of his others in the city are very good)
        Eric Ripert's Le Bernardin

        Cheaper range
        Wyle Dufresne's Alder
        Amanda Freitag's Empire Diner
        Dan Talde's Talde and Pork Slope (Brooklyn)

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          Correct me if i'm mistaken but I think of the one;s you mentioned Bobby Flay and Wyle would be the only one's cooking in their restaurant.

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            i've always seen jean georges vongerichten and eric ripert in chef's whites whenever i've dined at jean-georges and le bernardin.

        2. Agree with villainx. In NYC its basically the same as asking "what are the best restaurants".

          Your best chance of seeing a celebrity in action these days is Gato

          1. Bobby Flay's Gato is probably the best place to experience a recognizable celeb chef in action at the top of his or her game.

            Alex Guarnaschelli's Butter sounds great to me, but i've not been yet.

            the Batali places are uniformly good, although he's not hands-on, really. i think Lupa is the best bang for your buck.