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Kingfish, La Petite Grocery, or Peche - only meal in New Orleans?

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Trying to decide on Kingfish, La Petite Grocery or Peche for 1 evening out in New Orleans with another couple. Having a hard time with this decision and need some help. Want to try them all but only have time for one. Which one would you choose?

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  1. Peche, hands down, if a seafood-centric meal is what you crave. But it's more casual and louder than LPG, so if either of those aren't to your liking, go to LPG, you'll be happy at both. Kingfish for a drink, not up to par food- or service-wise with the other two.

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      And hope that you're lucky enough to have Chris McMillan craft your cocktail at Kingfish!

      1. I went to LPG a few months ago and wouldn't bother to go back. The food was just ok (except for the blue crab beignets- those were delicious!). Nice atmosphere and good drinks, though.

        1. Peche. I went to all 3 during my last visit. Here is my trip report:

          1. Not Kingfish based on one try. We may try it again during TOTC. Drinks great food disappointing.

            1. I would try Upperline or Bisto Daisy

              1. kingfish was disappointing--despite our wonderful memories of gabrielle. too many good places to waste time on this incarnation .

                1. Try Kingfish for a drink; stopped by there several times during Jazz Fest and really liked the bar atmosphere (and the French 75). Have never eaten there though. But I have eaten at both LPG and Peche and enjoyed LPG more. The food was good at Peche but it was way too loud.