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Jul 2, 2014 10:08 PM

Interesting things to do around Jean Talon Market?

My wife and I will be in Montreal this weekend (July 4-5-6) and we are trying to avoid the areas we have been to in the past (i.e. Old Montreal and the downtown). We will arrive late Friday night and go straight to hotel near airport. Then on Sat. we have an 8 am appointment and then we are free for the day. Planning to head to Jean Talon Market. And the day will essentially end at Joe Beef for a 6:30 reservation.

So, is there enough around Jean Talon to keep us busy and amused all day? Also considering Notre Dame to check out the antique shops and it is near Joe Beef.

We don't need any food recos (Have lots if we get hungry!) But what other interesting areas are there to check out? I know that is pretty vague. (No museums, churches, tours) + we have a car.


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  1. You could climb mount royal if you havent done that already or go and see the botanical gardens.

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      Thanks kpaxonite, we have done those in the past. We have never been in Montreal together but have both been many times in the past separately. So we have done most all of the "attraction" type things.

    2. Conductorchris, there are already several threads on the board about the Jean-Talon market area. Jean-Talon market and area 2014 Previous year

      And if you just search "Jean-Talon" on the board you'll find many more. Remember that it is a very long street, but most of the searches involve the market + Little Italy area or the South Asian "Little India" area a bit west of here, basically from avenue du Parc to Acadie.

      Here is a fairly recent search for a good restaurant in Villeray or Little Italy (Petite-Italie):
      Villeray is the neighbourhood just north of Jean-Talon, so even the popular Syrian Petit Alep is in Villeray, as is the very good boulangerie Le Pain dans les Voiles on Castelnau at the corner of Drolet (one short block north; if you are parked at the market don't bother driving there).

      I may be able to answer any specific questions; of course I find plenty to do around here in a day, but that also involves work, seeing friends, buying cat food and other mundane aspects of everyday life.

      1. Another possibility is to visit Atwater Market instead, which is close to Joe Beef. You can walk or rent a bike or take a Bixi and cruise the Lachine Canal stopping in the Old Port, Atwater Market, and Terrase Ste-Ambroise...just take a relaxing day along the canal...even detour up to Notre-Dame...and end the day at Joe Beef. Of course Atwater is no Jean-Talon but it's still nice.

        1. A whole day at the market ?

          Nope; 1 or 2 hours, yes, if in no hurry and eat your way through the different food vendors and go in the different shops and wanting to go on St-Laurent blvd (for Milano, Caffee Italia, ...)

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          1. re: Maximilien

            Thanks Maximilien, foodinspace & lagatta

            How about the Metropolitan Flea Market or St. Michel Flea Market? We like antiques and vintage stuff (pre 80s). Are these flea markets mostly new discount items?

            Couple of other questions:

            Beer: Cheaper at Costco than regular grocery stores?
            Maple Syrup: What the going price for 500ml?
            Creton: Where is the best? To take home.

            1. re: Conductorchris

              Flea markets? I would flee....

              For regular beer? maybe costco is cheaper (I don't costco myself)
              Good local beer; go to "Marché des saveurs" at JTM for a good selection of local/provicial micro breweries beer.

              Maple Syrup:I've not look at it recently, but a regular can should be around $8-$10

              Creton: I get my cretons from Au Cochon Tout Rond (still at JTM).

              1. re: Conductorchris

                Skip the Metropolitan Flea Market. The St. Michel one has many vintage treasures but few bargains. Fun to browse if you're into that kind of thing.

                For beer, as Max says there's Marché des saveurs, but a couple of doors west is La Grange du marché, which has an equally good if not better selection. Check both, as they don't overlap completely.

            2. Yes, I don't see you spending a whole day there. If you are saying you already walked around mont-Royal/St-Denis streets, then I would combine the Jean-Talon Market with a walk in the mile-end, it has some nice, lively streets (Bernard, St-Viateur-Fairmount, up to Laurier), between St-Laurent and Parc. It's walkable from the market, and you can end up at Laurier Metro to go to Joe Beef (orange line), but since you have a car, I'll let you figure this out.

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              1. re: sweettoothMTL

                If you haven't yet been to Mile-End and you don't mind walking, then this is a nice suggestion. Mile-End is a little more intimate, lively, and walkable than the neighbourhoods that border JTM. The exception is Little Italy, which you would pass through while walking between Mile-End and JTM anyway.