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Jul 2, 2014 08:48 PM

Perfect Lunch

38th and Chicago. Placed order at Smoke in the Pit. Walked across the street to Blue Ox Coffee for my first time. Their espresso is right on par with all of the top places in town - Peace, Koplin's, Dogwood, Quixotic. (Of course, it's easier to pull a perfect shot when the weather is nice.) Walked back across the street and my lunch was ready. Sat at one of the little tables out front and nibbled on a delectable brisket sandwich - smokey, with hints of anise and cardamom. Piping hot seasoned fries also very tasty. Drinking in the shenanigans of the street - the players, hipsters, but mostly just empty and peaceful. Calm blue sky and happy belly in an urban paradise.

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time! Funny, we were moving out of
    South Minneapolis not too long ago and I just noticed Blue Ox Coffee driving by and thought that it looked like a great spot. Glad you enjoyed it!

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      Blue Ox is really nice. That neighborhood (or block, anyway) is starting to pick up some interesting food options. Besides the aforementioned Smoke in the Pit, there's now CityFoodStudio, a shared commercial kitchen. You can find extremely-small-batch ice cream maker FrozBroz there.