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What to serve with White Peach Honey ice cream?

Having in-laws for a BBQ this weekend. I'm definitely committed to making white peach honey ice cream, but I want to serve something with it. Maybe something like a honey cornmeal cake? Most of the recipes I've found for that are olive oil based cakes, which I'm not wild about. I like gingersnaps, but they don't seem very seasonal. Halp?

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            1. A second helping of white peach honey ice cream. And a slice of bacon.

              1. Not sure if it has to be something cakey or pastry-like, but how about very thinly sliced nectarines or.... peaches?

                1. actually if i was your guest,i would have chosen your cake suggestion which sounds great

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                  1. A pound cake or an angel food cake with mixed berries. Or
                    as someone suggested below something with almonds--
                    how about an almond cake? Amanda Hesser's almond cake has been called the cake "that will save your soul".


                    1. Home made waffle cones, (amoretti flavoured?)
                      You can probably get cone grill/ oven/ appliance at a thrift store, but an online search says WalMart, BedB&B, and even WilliamsSonoma sell them in-store.

                        1. I don't know but that sounds delicious!

                            1. Yum! Care to share ice cream recipe? Sounds lovely!

                              1. Something with raspberries will go perfectly with white peach and honey flavors - maybe this Raspberry Buttermilk Cake? http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2009/0...

                                1. I would get ready-made pie dough, cut into circles, brush with melted butter and honey, and topped with cinnamon and sugar, and bake like cookies. Serve one underneath the ice cream.

                                  1. Sadly, no bacon, ILs keep kosher. I think I'm going with oatmeal lace cookies. Husband doesn't care for heavy desserts, so while I'd love to do pound cake, that's out. If the ice cream recipe works I'll post it here after :)

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                                      A sprinkle of fresh raspberries alongside the cookie and ice cream would be perfect- the acid from the berries will balance the sweet cookies and the ice cream.

                                    2. When did a dish of ice cream become an inadequate dessert? Especially since you are going to the trouble of making the ice cream from scratch, it doesn't need gilding. In fact, you will be undervaluing it if you serve it as an accompaniment to something else, or covered in extraneous toppings.

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                                        One reason why I suggested just a little sliced fruit.

                                      2. Peach Cobbler
                                        Grilled Peaches and shortbread