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Jul 2, 2014 07:15 PM

Annabel - Pizza, Beer, Tipsy Cows, More Carrots

It felt almost like eating at a mini Gato. The woodsy interior, the employees (a lot of them) training buzz. You get the feeling that they are expecting something big to come soon.
This is a high end pizza bar on 9th/53rd Hell's Kitchen with a very nice list of craft beer on draft (Allagash, Six Point, Riverhorse, and even the elusive Evil Twin Ryan & the Beaster Bunny). Owners also own Thalia nearby. Same chef

As usual I prefer to start a relationship with first base -- plain Margherita and it did not disappoint. Fresh San Marzano, Fior di latte, wilted basil, and perfectly charred crust with a nice chew. Wood burning oven in the back, and a nifty looking pizza menu (ie ricotta, duck prosciutto, blueberry chutney)

The name came from a family acquaintance, a cow which needed rescue after walking into a pool, prompting them to include alcohol content on the menu. In addition to pizza you also have an array of fresh pasta dishes like bucatini with andouille sausage, broccoli rabe, tomato, grana padano and various apps like homemade pickled carrots, creamy polenta with truffled mushrooms and more. Looks promising

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  1. Their online menu at has no prices. How much are they charging for a personal-sized pizza like I see on that plate?

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      That one is $14. A bit pricey but pretty much Don Antonio territory. You can find prices in the menus here...

      1. re: Ziggy41

        Those prices don't seem crazy at all to me. Whole orata for $23 is not expensive.