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Small family wants pulled pork. What cuts can you suggest?

I know a butt is a great pulled pork cut, but they are such large cuts of meat. Can you make pulled pork with any smaller size pork cut? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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      Ditto. Either that or find a place that sells butt cut into smaller roasts and use one of those.

    2. There are only two of us here so when I make pulled pork I just freeze the surplus. I usually freeze it in two-portion amounts. It freezes well. A butt, picnic or shoulder is the best way to go for pulled pork.

        1. Pork shoulder roast or pork shoulder steak can be used for smaller quantity pulled pork.

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              No, in USA butt is a different cut (and price!) from shoulder. Around here, shoulder tends to be further cut into smaller steaks for sale, butt tends to be sold only in larger size roasts. Diagram at this link shows locations on pig.

              1. re: MidwesternerTT

                Im from nyc and at the farmer's market, they describe the Pork butt/Boston Butt as coming from the top portion of the shoulder. What they sell as shoulder comes from the lower part of the front shoulder. Pork butt is shoulder, just from a certain part of the shoulder.

                Pork Butt=Top Portion of the Shoulder
                Pork Shoulder=Bottom Portion of the Shoulder

                As another poster said, I dont know why OP cant ask the butcher to cut it down.

            2. There are just two of us and, as others say, cook and freeze. If you have a vacuum sealer aka Food Saver, it works great. If not, wrap tightly in plastic wrap and then in a zipping bag.

              1. I have used the fattier, more connective tissues ends of a pork loin or the end chops (NOT center cut!) and it works okay. I typically buy a whole loin and slice up the center cut chops for loin roasts or pork chops, and save the ends for "pulled pork"

                1. There are just two of us, and we love pulled pork, and it's best made in large quantities. So I'll be the nth to say, buy a large pork butt, cook it, pull off enough for a couple of meals, and freeze the rest.

                  (and save the bone for beans!)

                  1. all of the above.

                    I can often find a boneless butt that's about 4 or 5 lbs, grill/roast it all and decide after it's done what to do with the really not so ridiculous amount of leftovers. we're usually 3 people so it can easily turn into 4+ meals of different angles with no problems, but then freezing isn't a problem either.

                    1. You can buy half a pork shoulder roast, which would be about three to five pounds. Or pork steaks cut from the shoulder. Or country style ribs that are also cut from the shoulder.

                      1. Can you not have your butcher cut it down to a manageable size?

                        1. You can use country style pork ribs to make pulled pork.

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                            Yep. Country style (boneless) pork ribs are just sliced pork butt / shoulder. Works fine for pulled pork.

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                              That's exactly what I use as well. Works great.

                            2. I really thank you all for the responses. I thought of freezing part but I am trying not to freeze so much because I have a small freezer and holds very little. I will try the country boneless ribs idea and report back! Happy 4th!

                              1. Buy a butt...make pulled pork with half for one day and make Bo Ssam for another day.

                                I actually cut up the Bo Ssam into smaller pieces to cook it faster and have more crust.

                                I've also cut up cured Bo Ssam pork into souvlaki sized chunk, quick rinsed off salt sugar cure and then added some olive oil, lemon juice, oregano to create Greek grilled Souvlaki. Meat was tender and delicious. Best souvlaki I've ever made in fact.

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                                  With a small family, that's a lot of pork to eat day after day as OP doesn't want to freeze.

                                2. We just cut the vacuum sealed shoulder primal into 2-4 pieces and vacuum seal and freeze what we don't use for later.

                                  1. See the thread on pulling pork loin... use a crockpot and any size piece of pork you desire will come out super tender and delicious. A shoulder or butt is enough pork to feed an army! I pulled a four pound loin last week and put several meal's worth in the freezer.