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Jul 2, 2014 06:21 PM

Dallas BBQ: dry ribs spices, and what's in yellow rice?

I just emailed them to ask, but am curious if anyone can take a guess (if they've eaten there).

Any nightshade spices likely on the dry baby back ribs or yellow rice?

I had it this weekend and really enjoyed it. I even got to have one of the outside-ish tables at 23rd & 8th ave.


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  1. Haven't eaten at Dallas in ages, so I won't speak to the ribs. As to the yellow rice, that's most commonly produced either with annatto seeds, or turmeric (frequently +cumin). Couldn't say which they use, only that true saffron is totally improbable in a restaurant at this price point, and curry powder is highly unlikely in a BBQ joint.

    Hopefully Dallas BBQ will respond to your email.

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    1. re: mcsheridan

      Thanks for the reply @mcsheridan. They didn't get back to me yet, but if they do, I'll post the answer here.

      Happy 4th!


      1. re: mike2401

        Might be worth trying the "arroz amarillo" by goya- its in a box and has the seasoning in it.
        Annato would be my guess (also called achiote) for the color.

      2. re: mcsheridan

        They never replied. I guess they don't want my business :-(

        1. re: mike2401

          They don't want to give away "secret" recipes! Goya makes an "arroz amarillo" box of seasoning and rice, found at most supermarkets- you could start with that and see if its close.

          1. re: mike2401

            Don't give up yet. I sent feedback to the NYT on their new Cooking beta, and it took them ten days to get back to me.

            1. re: mcsheridan

              If this nightshade sensitivity thing turns out to be the real deal, I don't think I'd chance it in such a hurried, harried place.

              I would be safer to just order broiled fish with just butter & lemon :-)

              Am curious if Dallas BBQ eventually gets back.