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Jul 2, 2014 05:32 PM

Indochine - a new Vietnamese in Baltimore with likely the best Pho in town

Thanks to hotel for tipping me to this place.

Visited here recently and had a large pho w/ fatty brisket. The broth here is richer, takes on more acid with semi-opaque browner tone than traditional ones. The noodle is thinner here but cooked just right with slight toothy bite. Brisket is decent. Bean sprouts, jalapeno and basil garnishes were very fresh. Probably didn't need lime to be added, but old habits are hard to break and, as always, this brightens up the broth. And yes, the bowl is served piping hot as it should be.

My go-to pho place in Baltimore used to be Pho Huong Moi in Security Square Mall which closed several years ago. I think pho here is overall better than one from Mekong Delta whose broth is more on the traditional side and lighter (if MD offers good nuoc mam on the side as part of their pho I would give another try as different variety).

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  1. I had the Pho, thought the broth was probably the best in town, I did think it was a bit pricey but location location location.

    1. I agree on all points here. I didn't find it expensive, but when comparing ANYTHING to Mekong Delta's prices, it will seem a bit higher.

      That said, I do love the Southern Vietnamese pho at Mekong Delta, and I wish they offered something in that profile as well. But the menu is extensive and everything I have eaten has been pretty delicious. A welcome addition to Charles street.