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Jul 2, 2014 04:57 PM

Cutting the acid in fresh tomatoes?

This is sad: I've finally had a successful year growing my own tomatoes. I love nothing better than a tomato sandwich. But I've now developed quite a problem with acid reflux at night. Figured I'd have them for breakfast and lunch. (Yes, I can eat a tomato sandwich for breakfast in tomato season.) But after several days of multiple tomato sandwiches, I'm now developing canker sores in my mouth. Argh!

I should have tried to grow the less acidic varieties, but I went with ones that were pretty much guaranteed to grow for incompetent gardeners.

Anyway, with several tomatoes waiting on the kitchen counter and more waiting to be picked outside, does anyone have any ideas on what I can do with all these beauties that will be less injurious to my mouth and esophagus?

I feel like the guy in the Twilight Zone story who finally had all the books in the world and all the time to read them--and then he breaks his glasses.

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    1. re: scubadoo97

      I wasn't writing for medical advice but for recipes and/or preparation tips. I already know what to do for my reflux and canker sores.

    2. Let the canker sore heal, campho phenique works miracles

      Wait until the tomatoes are super super ripe and don't eat them on an empty stomach- have a few bites of something basic like the bread or a cracker first. And cut waaay back- like one tomato a day after your canker sore heals.
      Otherwise you'll need to take OTC meds like millions of others do. Everything says people with reflux should generally avoid tomatoes...

      Use the excess tomatoes to make a sauce to freeze or bring gazpacho for a party.

      1. I find the acid in tomatoes more tolerable when I make a tomato sandwich with mayo. Just toast and mayo. And I make sure it's before 4 pm.

        Not much one can do to neutralize the acidity in the tomatoes without adding sugar. Better living through chemistry!

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        1. re: Susangria

          Sugar doesn't neutralize, it just balances (masks) the acidity.

        2. Reminds me of the Twilight Zone where an old man gives a young man a stopwatch, saying "I don't want this thing anymore." Young man realizes that when he clicks it, the whole world freezes. Eventually, he freezes everyone and robs a bank, but drops and breaks that stopwatch on the way out. Ends with a pan out of him screaming.

          Anyhow, peel the tomatoes with the standard method - it is easy. I poked around, and that is a suggested solution because the skins seem to cause most of the problem.

          I had a reflux problem for a while. I cut out wine and it went away, seemingly for good. I can eat anything now. One weird thing: when i would have a bout of relux, a sour pickle seem to alleviate it. This was counterintuitive to me. I got off the prilosec and just used pickles. When I realized that it was the wine and potentially alcohol in general, I was fine. It was pretty bad, but I've had no reflux for two years.

          I know you don't want advice, but have you tried sauerkraut juice for the mouth sores? I know people who swear by it. Lots of info on the net. I think that Kimchi is good, too. Must be the probiotics. Saw one article where a scientist is trying to isolate the compound(s) responsible.

          1. Ya sugar doesn't 'remove' the acid.
            Just put it down to experience. Next year plant low acid tomatoes.
            This year I'd simmer the ones you have in their own juices. Reduce and sieve out the skins and seeds. Freeze in small Zip locks. Use them in sauces........occasionally.

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            1. re: Puffin3

              I guess I'll have to do that--thanks. We have a long growing season here so I may actually still have to plant a low acid tomato. So glad I planted a cherry tomato called "Chocolate Cherry" which doesn't bother me at all. Think I'll go get another...

              1. re: NotSoHot

                Choc. cherry are delicious! Black cherry, too. :)