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Jul 2, 2014 04:49 PM

lunch before jail, dinner after [San Francisco]

hahaha, just kidding. Tourist going to Alcatraz, will hopefully park somewhere near ferry pier, looking for someplace decent for lunch, and then after someplace that would take a reservation on a sunday night for dinner also nearby the Alcatraz ferry

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  1. You mention parking but good luck finding anything nearby... I think there are lots closer to the Ferry Building but that's a good 20 minute walk. It's also a good lunch option and only about a 5 minute drive to Pier 33. If you luck out with parking (the ferry won't wait so leave yourself enough time to drive around and find a spot) then you can stop at the Ferry Bldg beforehand and do a take-out from any of the vendors. There's Scoma's near Fisherman's Wharf for old fashioned waterside dining. Waterbar is just past the Ferry Bldg for more upscale fish and seafood. You can also try Boulevard which is right nearby the Ferry Bldg as well. Red's Java House is a greasy spook burger joint about a half-mile further east (southeast?). Then again, if you have a car you can pretty much eat wherever you like; you'll be right near the Financial District and not far from most other neighborhoods so you can always stop somewhere en route depending on your schedule. If you're in a rush then just brown bag it because there's nothing worthwhile in the immediate walking vicinity of Pier 33.

    PS - Waterbar fits your Sunday dinner reservation post-Alcatraz perfectly. It's a good choice. Cotogna is not far and is a terrific neighborhood Italian restaurant but unless you have a good 3 weeks advance, you'll never get a table, in which case, go with Waterbar.

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      if you are a small party and/or willing to eat a bit early, you can walk in Cotogna without a reservation and sit at either bar. Note that their online menu is not available Sunday night (they have a separate, more casual Sunday meal.) If you must have a reservation, some other options would be Coqueta (Pier 5), Michael Mina, Roka Akor. For lunch, you can try Yank Sing (location on Spear st is probably closer for you)

    2. There are several parking garages in the wharf area. Check with your cruise ship provider and see what is recommended, and they may have a validation/discount deal with one or another garage. If there is no deal parking can be expensive.

      Pier 23 is a kind of divey bar with basic bar food, but if the weather is nice they have an outdoor deck with bay views. Could be OK for lunch.

      1. I rarely rec chains but Hillstone (formerly Houston's) takes res, no corkage fee, very popular. It's at 1800 Montgomery, near Bay St, Embarcadero. It's open for lunch and dinner but I'd go for dinner. I just remembered, it's across from Pier 33 where you catch the boat to Alcatraz. (Careful .. find a crosswalk to cross over!)

        1. When I went we parked our car at our hotel in SOMA and took the F Market St. streetcar to the Alcatraz tour pier. We caught a cab back as there were a lot more options near the hotel. The cab cost $, but considering how much it costs to park to park in a garage it was a wash. Have fun it is a great tour!