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Jul 2, 2014 04:39 PM

Trader Joe's trip planner!

I'm going on vacation in Vermont in August, and since we're staying in a rental and doing some entertaining, I thought I'd try to find a nearby TJ's.

While poking around, I discovered that not only does the TJ's site have a store locator, it has a function where you can plug in your route (like google driving directions) and it will show you TJ's along the way!

Look for the "trip planner" link under "stores."

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  1. That looks like fun, but it didn't work for me with the one example I tried. The Trader Joe's that I use is about a 3 mile detour for me on my commute home from work, but when I entered my home and work addresses, the planner didn't identify that store.

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      It seems to require pretty close proximity. On the route I was looking at they showed several within two miles of the route, but not one that was three miles from the route.

    2. The Trader Joe's in So. Burlingtn just opened a few weeks ago. I believe it's the only one in vermont. My favorite place!

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      1. re: sharhamm

        Yes, we're going to be in Montpelier, but when we head to Burlington we'll definitly be stocking the kitchen.