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Jul 2, 2014 04:35 PM

BBQ Joint near Collingwood?

I'm looking for a BBQ joint that a coworker described to me, somewhere near(ish) Collingwood. She said it was delicious, and that the menu was huge!
From the photo I saw it looks like the entire menu is written on chalkboards around the room. They also had seafood on the menu, as well as Water Buffalo. It's probably outside of the city itself, probably on a side road somewhere.

I'm heading to the area this weekend and I'd like to try it, but my coworker is on vacation and isn't answering her emails.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. I haven't been but maybe she is talking about Mad Michaels?

    Not super close according to Mapquest directions though as it is in Midland area

    1. The Smokestack is in Port McNicoll which is near Midland and serves up BBQ from a trailer beside the SS Keewatin.

      1. You may be describing Ted's Range Road Diner near Meaford:
        Large menu with game when available.

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        1. re: Swiftkipawa

          Thank you so much Swiftkipawa!! That's it! Ted's Range Road Diner :)

          Thank you all so much for the suggestions -- the Smoke also looks good. Maybe we'll have to try both!

          1. re: MadstoneMax

            Ted's Range Road Diner is definitely not BBQ. But if the menu interests you, you should go for it.

            I went once with a group, 4 years ago. We found it hit and miss. My BBQ beef sandwich and fries were good but my pal's bison burger was just sad.

            I went to The Smoke last year and found the food godawful. But again, if you're interested why not check it out for yourself, sure.

            Never heard of The Smokestack. Will check out that link.

            1. re: magic

              Happened to be driving by The Smoke this weekend on the way back from Blue so we stopped in. Pulled pork and brisket - not god awful today, but just average. Not much smoke detected. Also on the expensive side.

        2. There is a bbq place in Collingwood called The Smoke that is pretty decent. No game last time I was there. Worth a stop. They sell their smoked fish and bacon at the counter, and there are a couple microbrews on tap.

          Haisai in Singhampton cooks food from a wood fired oven outside the restaurant. Nice breads and pizzas from that, and a couple of competing menus in the evenings. Dim sum plates by the guest chef or more formal offerings on a prix fixe from the owner.

          1. Could it be Big Chris BBQ? My husband likes to stop by there.

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            1. re: PrincessStress

              I believe the Wasaga location of Big Chris closed, fyi. So I heard....

              1. re: magic

                When did it close? My husband was there a few months ago, and brought back some takeout. He will be sad to hear about this.

                1. re: PrincessStress

                  Recently I think?

                  I heard the news from a friend who recently discovered it was closed. Haven't seen with my own eyes to confirm but there is no Wasaga location listed on their website, so my friend's info seems accurate.

                  1. re: magic

                    The Wasaga location is indeed closed.

                  2. re: PrincessStress

                    Tell your husband to check out Mad Michael's, which is in that general area. A wonderful BBQ find.

                    Also, someone on this thread mentioned a place called The Smokestack, which also looks interesting and is also not too far from Wasaga.

                    1. re: magic

                      Thanks for the suggestion. My husband just got moved onto another project so he will be passing by Barrie on the way up to Sudbury much less now. But will definitely let him know about Mad Michaels if he does need to go up to Sudbury again.

                      1. re: PrincessStress

                        Right on. He should keep in mind that Mad Michael's does have tricky hours:

                        Our 2014 Season is May 15 to Oct 14
                        Thursday thru Sunday
                        12 Noon to 8 pm