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Jul 2, 2014 04:16 PM


I let my avocados ripen carefully and cut into them at what I think is the optimal time, only to discover that in many instances there are big, black bruises or black stripes running through them. This happens with avocados I buy from Trader Joe's, Lund's, or Rainbow. Does anyone have a source for avocados that are free of these nasty black spots?

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    1. re: phantomdoc

      We don't have those in St. Paul/Minneapolis.

    2. This doesn't really answer your question since you've already listed them as a no-go, but I've had nothing but wonderful luck with the avocados at Trader Joe's (I mainly shop at the Shoreview location). Every avocado I've purchased there has been ready to eat the day I buy it and beautiful for the following two days after (I will admit though, to only recently learning that I had been previously given bad advice to go by color and looking "almost bad" to realizing that it should only give slightly to pressure so all of my avocado experiences prior to this year at TJ's has been similar to yours).

      1. I grew up in Southern California.
        We have wonderful avocado. Clearly you should move here!

        All snarkiness aside, I currently live in the Midwest US and have found the best avocado at Aldi (!) and the local no-name Mexican mercado.

        I've been disappointed by the fruits found at the "big box" (kroger, wal-mart etc) stores. They just never seem to ripen well/evenly.

        Good luck on your quest.

        1. I see this too but usually only in very ripe avocados

          1. Mash them up for guacamole and add some chopped tomatoes, lime juice, cilantro, tomatillo, parsley, seasonings and oregano and no one will notice the discolorations.

            But it sounds like they got over-ripe or were held in suspended animation somewhere along the supply chain to keep them from ripening before sale. Good advice - try a mexican type market because they won't settle for less than the best fresh.