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Jul 2, 2014 04:01 PM

Do you wait for a thread to be locked before reading?

This is similar to the "deleting a post before posting" thread. Have you ever seen the title of a thread (usually on NAF) and thought to yourself "oooh, no good is going to come of that. So you studiously avoid opening the thread *until* it's locked. Sure, it's not as fun as watching the train wreck live, as the most egregious posts have been moderated out, but it can be interesting to skim through it after the fact. Am I alone in this?

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  1. No, I can't stay away. But I do confess to looking at a bunch of thread titles and saying to myself, "I wonder which will get locked first" and then "I am sure it is not appropriate to post a bet on Site Talk...."

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    1. re: tcamp

      I put a note of now many posts I think the thread will get, and the day I think it'll get locked, once it has either:
      A. Been active for over 2 days
      B. Has over 100 posts

      So far I'm mediocre at predicting those things, but I'm getting better.

      I can't stay away, I'm like a magnet to controversy.

      1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

        There have been times when I've posted to these threads and made a little "bet" with myself whether my comment will still be there when I rise the next morning. Side bets on, if the comment is removed, will an email from the mods be forthcoming. Sometimes you just know.

        1. re: grampart

          I reckon my score is about 50/50 on receiving an email.

          My favourite emails from them are when I have posted thanking them for taking action. They remove the post and tell me that I'm just encouraging the "matter" to fire up again. Of course, I have been sussed and they are absolutely right ;-0

    2. The thing is most of the nasty, snarky stuff that gets a thread locked is deleted. It's fun to follow a thread you know will get locked, like some chicken place that is closed on Sunday.

      1. I often feel cheated when I wake the next day to find that the mods have cleaned up a thread, and all that’s left are comments vaguely describing the drama from the night before. It’s like my young days, hanging out at the local bar and getting bored, then going home early only to get a call the next day about who got thrashed, who hooked up with who, etc., but it’s never as fun as to have witnessed firsthand.

        1. Yes, the OP may well be almost alone in this.

          I find it great fun to watch the thread develop in all its ugly glory. My only complaint is that, as I live several time zones away from where most posters are, the "developments" have often taken place and already been moderated while I'm asleep. That said, a friend is very good at taking a "cut & paste" of the snarky remarks and emailing them to me. Does mean you can build up a picture of an ongoing nastiness from someone - hopefully, the mods do similar and eventually can draw a line under someone's posting.

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          1. re: Harters

            Well, I suppose this is neither the first nor the last time I'll be alone in my approach to something. Usually I do like watching the snarkiness in something like real time.

            And agreed regarding the mods eventually drawing the line on a particular poster.

          2. I guess it depends on the subject line. Sometimes, I read them....and yes, I do read them because I want to see if it has gotten fractious. Because sometimes amongst the fractiousness, there are gems of responses - they can be serious, and funny, but they get their point across.

            However, there are those threads that are bound to get moderated to virtually nothing, or are too political, or will get deleted, or just don't interest me - despite the potential for fractiousness.

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            1. re: LindaWhit

              Sometimes, someone makes a remark to which you've just got to respond. You know it will get deleted but you just hope the other person sees it before that happens. I got into a brief argument with someone a few months back as to whether a particular organisation was terrorist or freedom fighter. I took the view that any group that tried to murder my wife by bombing her school bus is terrorist. Just had to say what I said, you know

              1. re: Harters

                <Sometimes, someone makes a remark to which you've just got to respond. You know it will get deleted but you just hope the other person sees it before that happens>

                Probably the best reason for and against private messaging.